Monday, August 14, 2017

A bunch of our kids in the newest Youngstrs Magazine!

Check this out! The summer issue of Youngstrs Magazine is out now and you can find our clients Kayla (Cover Model) Madison & Mackenzie also their lovely mother Jen for Blue Ginger, Jessica for Modern Child, and Tre’, Jett, Chloe R., Janila, Chloe T., Farron, Alexandra, Charlotte, Jacob, Dylan, Kasia & Ben for Dragons & Daisies and Kelighy & Jaedyn for Chance Loves Swim! There is even a cool Q&A about our own cover girl Ms. Kayla! Way to go everyone! The pictures are amazing!
You can read the article right here at:…/Other_Publications_New_Publicatio…
Or you can purchase your own copy at:

Great job at IMTA NY 17 Grant Eastey!

This is our very talented actor/model Mr. Grant Eastey. Grant owned the IMTA NY17 competitions and award stage, placing top 7 in the On-Camera Host, Screen Test, and Swimwear/Beachwear Competitions. Grant also placed 2nd runner up for the TV Real People Competition, and 1st runner up in Improvisation and TV Beauty Competitions! Did I forget to mention that Grant also placed top 7 for Male Actor of the Year as well as Male Commercial Model of the year! Grant, we can not wait to see what the future hold for you, and a huge congratulations goes out to you from all of your friends, fans, and family here at Seattle Talent! Great work!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! We have a very busy weekend scheduled here at Seattle Talent. Our clients are ready to show what they can do in their big audition with Omar Mayet, of GEL Entertainment, who will be in our Seattle office scouting for his own agency in LA. We also have a talent search in Harrisburg PA, that we could not be more excited for! See you all on Monday!

Peter Dinklage has some excellent advice!

Amazing words of wisdom told to us by the ever so talented Peter Dinklage, of HBO's hit show Game of Thrones " Don't wait until they tell you you are ready, don't bother telling the world you are ready. Show it, do it."

Thursday, August 10, 2017

IMTA and Alex DeMars go hand in hand!

Check out Mr. Alex DeMars! Alex did an absolute fantastic job at IMTA NY 17 and competed with no fear or hesitation. Alex placed top 7 in the Commercial Print, Fashion Print, Runway, Screen Test, Swimwear, TV Beauty and TV real People competitions! But get this, he also was the winner of the Kids Spot Competition! After performing that well and collecting all of those awards its only fitting that he was placed in the top 7 for both Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year and Male Pre-Teen Model of the Year! With agents in LA talking with Alex and his family, it shouldn't be long before he signs with one. Congratulations Alex, from everyone here at Seattle Talent, we can not wait to watch you progress in making your dreams come true.

Mr Brice Fisher on the red carpet in LA for his new movie Kidnap!

Our own Mr. Brice Fisher, from our Yakima team had a very eventful weekend, he walking the red carpet in LA for the premier of his new action thriller movie "Kidnap" starring the lovely Ms. Halle Berry! Kidnap came out Friday and everyone here can't wait to see this. Congratulations Brice, from your friends and fans here at Seattle Talent!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Mr Logan DeHaven did amazing at IMTA NY 17!

This is the talented Mr. Logan DeHaven. Logan was part of our IMTA NY 17 team and performed very well. He placed top 7 in 7 competitions (Improvisation, Jeans, Monologue, On-Camera Host, Screen Test, Theatrical Headshots and TV Beauty) spanning both acting and modeling. Logan also came away with 2nd runner up in the TV Real People competition, netting him top 7 for Male Young Adult Actor of the Year! He also collected a handful of callbacks from LA agents and we can't wait to see what agent he signs with. Logan, it was a blast having you on the team! Congratulations from your friends, fans and family here at Seattle Talent. Keep up the amazing work!

Ms. Melody Marquez in a new short film!

Amazing news for our very own Ms. Melody Marquez!
Melody's newest project, " Swimming in the Desert" featuring Tony Plana, has been a huge hit all summer and will be premiering at the famous Chinese Theater! Swimming in the Desert is making big waves, rounding up over 70 official selections in 22 countries while collecting 11 awards and counting! The film has been invited to show at L.A. International Short Film Festival, Hollyshorts and 35th Flickers Rhode Island! LA peeps if you have a chance to see this film on the big screen, DO IT!
Melody, we are so proud of your work and dedication this wonderful project. Everyone here at Seattle Talent can not wait to see it! 
Congratulations from your friend, fans and family here at Seattle talent!

Check out what Mr. Jordan Davis-Miller did at IMTA NY 17!

This is Mr. Jordan Davis-Miller, a very talented actor/singer who competed in IMTA NY 17. Jordan performed extremely well at IMTA, placing top 7 in Cold Read, Monologue, On-Camera Host, Singing, Theatrical Headshots and Screen Test competitions. He also collected 2nd runner up for the TV Real People competition, all while placing 4th runner up for Male Junior Actor of the Year! With all of the IMTA success comes a lot of attention. Jordan received callbacks from many agencies in Los Angeles, and continues to keep in touch with them. Jordan, we can not wait to see what the road ahead has in store for you. Congratulations from all of your friends, fans and family here at Seattle Talent! Great job!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Micah Classen killed IMTA NY 17!

This kid is a rock star! Mr. Micah Classen, absolutely killed it at IMTA NY 17! This actor/model was a hit and everyone loved him, receiving callbacks from many agents in LA all while collecting double digit competition awards. Micah walked away with placing top 7 in Kids Spot, Runway, Screen Test, Theatrical Headshots, and TV Scene. He also placed 2nd Runner Up in the Monologue competition, and winning the TV Beauty and TV Real People competitions! But here is the great news, Micah placed 1st runner up for both Most Sought male Talent, and Child Actor of the Year! 
Big things are ahead for Micah and we can not wit to see where it goes! Congratulations Micah from all of your friends, fans and family here at Seattle Talent!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our Riverdale starlet Ms. Madelaine Petsch!

Here is a behind the scenes shot of our CW Network starlet Ms. Madelaine Petsch, who is currently on set filming season 2 of the hit show Riverdale! Madelaine is the sweetest girl in the world who plays the bad girl of Riverdale, based off of the old Archie comics. We can not wait to see season 2, Keep it up Madelaine!
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mr. Danik Reznikov, in his shoot with Anderson Ross!

Check out our guy Mr. Danik Reznikov, in his recent shoot with Anderson Ross Productions. Danik is one of our models who is always having fun, and loves to keep busy, you should be seeing a lot of him soon. Congratulations Danik, keep up the fantastic work. 
To follow Danik on his adventures, check him out on Instagram here: 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Seahawks Football is almost here, and that means new kids for the ad campaigns!

Congratulations to our kids Jett Galvin, Jeremiah LeBlanc, Carter Wakefield, Stella Anderson, Cece Ferrer, and Brooklyn Williams, who all booked this years Seahwaks Advertising Campaign that starts shooting this week! Stay tuned to see the photos as soon as the ad is released. Great job everyone! Go Hawks!

The weekend is over and Monday is here!

Happy Monday, hope everyone had a fun weekend in the Seattle sunshine. Us here at Seattle Talent had an exciting weekend, a very fun IMTA LA 18 audition here at our office, and a very successful talent search in Salt Lake City! We'd love to hear how you spent your weekend, let us know down below in the comment section!☀️😍

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Beautiful Ms. Liliana Bogart, killed IMTA NY 17!

More good IMTA stuff since we are having a Seattle search this Saturday, this lovely young lady is Ms. Liliana Bogart, who received 20 (!!) callbacks after winning her Beauty commercial competition and 2nd Runner up in Print and Improvisation, placing in the top seven in five talent competitions and two modeling comps. What a week in NY for this versatile young talent! Congrats Liliana!

IMTA NY 17 was a great time for Mr. Chiemeka Chikazie

Hey Everyone! Super excited to have Maureen Brown of IMTA here this Saturday to scout everyone for LA 2018, especially as we are hard at work sorting through the hundreds and hundreds of callbacks our team had in NY this month. Here is a guy who just absolutely killed it, Mr. Chiemeka Chikezie! This charismatic, kind, and handsome guy was in the top seven in Model of the Year, as well as placing top seven in three different acting competitions, and had over 20 Agency callbacks from some of the biggest names in the Industry. We can't wait to see what Chiemeka does next, it couldn't be happening to a nice guy. Cheers from your friends and family at Seattle Talent CC!