Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Angeli Zaldivar Featured in "Happy Hunting"!

IMTA is entering its second day, but there is plenty of other good news to share! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Angeli Zaldivar has booked a supporting role in the new horror film "Happy Hunting."This action packed horror film is now available on Amazon! Great work Angeli, we are so proud of you! Everyone at Seattle Talent cannot wait to see what you do next! Check the film out here:…/…/B0757Z6Y76

IMTA LA 18 is Here!

The countdown is finally over! IMTA LA 18 starts today! Seattle Talent's Facebook page is going to be busy giving you all the updates you could want! Make sure to check back here to see updates and photos of this years competition!! We want to wish all of our clients good luck! If you are one of our clients competing, make sure to post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SeattleTalent and #IMTALA18

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Seattle Talent's very own HiHo Kids Star in What's in the Box?: Under the Sea

Seattle is getting too cold for comfort! Maybe it's time we take a vacation somewhere tropical! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Lylly Ross, Helena Stewart, Crystal Martin, and Mr. Ethan Stewart star in another great HiHo Kids video. This time our young stars play "What's in the Box?: Under The Sea Edition, and get to pet all of cool critters and plants you might see in the ocean! All of these kids had a ton of fun! Great work everyone!

Elina Lazo's Editorial Spread in Seattle Met Magazine!

Hope everyone is staying warm! Seattle Talent wants to congratulate Ms. Elina Lazo who book not only the cover of Seattle Met Magazine, but also an editorial inside! This cozy photo shoot is inspiring us all to bundle up with some hot chocolate and relax right by a warm fire. Great work!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bridget Donnelly Stars in Twilight Zone: Live!

Happy New Year Everyone! Seattle Talent wants to share some cool news about our very own Ms. Bridget Donnelly! Bridget recently starred in Twilight Zone: Live ! at Theatre Schmeater in Belltown! She was the only kid in the whole production, and starred in 3 of the 4 episodes reenacted! Great work Bridget, keep up the great work!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Anay Vaghela has Got the Whole World in His Hands

Does Anyone have travel plans for the New Year? Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Anay Vaghela has got the whole world in his hand in this fun photoshoot with our friends over at Zulily! Anay had a lot of fun, and his smile is brighter than the sun! Great work Anay!

HiHo Kids Meet a Contortionist!

Does anyone have any New Years Resolutions? Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Amya Irvin, Crystal Martin, Helena Stewart, Mr. Brayden Irvin, and Ethan Stewart all got to interview a contortionist named Elizabeth in this recent HiHo Kids video! Maybe after watching this video you'll want to take up yoga or Pilates for the New Year! Great work everyone, keep up the fantastic work!

Seattle Talent Models Book a Job for Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation

The holidays are in full swing! Seattle Talent wants to congratulate our very own Mr. Juan Garcia, Kevin Fisher, Peyton Jewitt, Dalton Lowe, Garrett Nelson, Jean Cisse, Skyler Thomas, and Andrew Nelson for all booking a promo event for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through our friends over at LolaCreative! Great work guys.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ashok Tanner's Holiday Formal Wear Zulily Shoot

Do you have a special outfit for the holidays? Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Ashok Tanner dresses up in awesome holiday gear for his recent shoot with our friends over at Zulily! Ashok looks great in his shiny green suit! Good work Ashok, we are sure this isn't the last time we'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

HiHo Kids Make Gorgeous Gingerbread Houses!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Here is another great video brought to you by our friends over at HiHo Kids! Seattle Talent wants to proudly present the newest HiHo Kid Mrs. Lylly Ross, who got to make gingerbread houses alongside her brother Mr. Ayden Ross, and our seasoned HiHo Kids veterans Ms. Helena Stewart, Crystal Martin, and Mr. Ethan Stewart. All of these talented actors had a blast making delicious gingerbread houses. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Anay Vaghela's Holiday Zulily Photoshoot!

Winter wonderland! Take a look at these awesome images of Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Anay Vaghela! Anay recently shot with Zulily in this holiday inspired photo spread! He looks like he had a blast and who can blame him? Keep up the good work Anay!

Abigail Gamba Featured in Emerald Ballet Academy's Nutcracker Show

Update on a dancing star! Seattle Talent's very own Abigail Gamba recently performed in the Emerald Ballet Academy’s production of Nutcracker at the Northshore Performing Arts Center! Here are some amazing images of Abigail in both the Snowflake Scene, and her solo dance in the Arabian Nights Scene! Great work Abigail, keep up the awesome work!

Melody Marquez Stars in Academy Award Qualified Short Film!

The Academy Awards are just around the corner! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Melody Marquez is guest starring in the upcoming short film "Swimming in the Desert." This film is directed and written by Alvaro Ron & Rafael Álvarez, and tells the story of a young girl who tries to bring water back to a drought stricken town. Melody has already won the "best supporting actress" award at Lionshead Film Festival in Dallas, and the film itself has received over 30 awards and nominations! On top of all of this great news this film has qualified for the Academy Awards, so we might just see it there! Congratulations to Melody, and everyone involved with "Swimming in the Desert." We are so proud of you Melody, keep up the fantastic work! We cannot wait to hear more news on this fantastic film!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Andy Walken Due to Star in "A Christmas Story: Live," On Fox!

Big, Big News! Seattle Talent’s very own Mr. Andy Walken will star in the upcoming T.V. movie “A Christmas Story: Live” on Fox! Andy will play the star role of Ralphie Parker alongside A-List stars Maya Rudolph, Matthew Broderick, Jane Krakowski, and Chris Diamantopoulos! Don’t let Andy’s young age fool you, he is a professional. During his trip to IMTA 2015, Andy recieved over 24 callbacks, and was 1st runner up for Child Actor of the Year, which is one of the most prestigious awards at IMTA! Everyone at Seattle Talent is so proud of you Andy, keep up the amazing work. We cannot wait to see what you do next! Be sure to tune in and watch “A Christmas Story: Live” Sunday, December 17th 7:00pm/6:00pm Central on FOX!

KMR Talent Callback List!

Wow this is spectacular news! Seattle Talent’s very own Mr. Ryan Kinoro, Ms. Ibeth Almora, Amya Irvin, and Julia Heyworth have all received callbacks from our recent audition with Jennifer Boyce of KMR Talent! The great news doesn’t stop there! Our fantastic clients Ms. Tjasia Huynh, Jessica Doyle, Catherin Doyle, Mr. Cameron Proff, and Kieran Proff! Seattle Talent is proud of everyone who auditioned, keep training and never give up! Great work!