Friday, June 23, 2017

Hair modeling for the fantastic Keune Hair Products!

Wow! Yet another great hair show booking. These lovely ladies Ms. Olivia Raines, Ms. Chennault Sundine, Ms. Shannon Dougherty, Ms. Erica Opsvig, Ms. Alexa Willburn, Ms. Isabella Carufel, and Ms. Lillian Bogan, all modeled for the fantastic Keune Hair Products! Keep up the Amazing work ladies!

Our girl Rainey Spurlock in the show Feud!

Reminder! If you have yet to see Feud, what are you waiting for? Our girl Rainey Spurlock Co-stars along side Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lang. Rainey plays the daughter of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Fantastic job Rainey!

Ms. Bridget Donnelly, in a very scary short film, and we can't wait to see it!

A huge congratulations to the lovely Ms.Bridget Donnelly, who was cast for a secret horror short film. Bridget will be playing the Villainous little sister. Her mother recently reached out to us and informed us that Bridget loved the experience and can't wait for her next opportunity. Congratulations Bridget, we are so proud of what you have accomplished and can not wait to see how far you go!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kevin Murphy Hair Show booking!

Another great hair show booking! Our models Kayla Krunnies, Daija Levias, Hannah Janssen, Jenna Lemoine, and Laura Himes, all modeled for the fantastic Kevin Murphy showed off the Kevin Murphy products and left the event speechless. Wonderful job everyone, Can"t wait to hear about the next one!

Casting for Videos

Casting for Videos is working on lots of new projects! They are looking for a wide variety of participants for upcoming shoots, so check out the following casting calls and apply for whatever suits your fancy!
These shoots will each take place at's studio in Lower Queen Anne (Seattle).
Who they are looking for:
Pregnant Couples to have their 1st ultrasound:
1 Hour | $100 per Couple
Play Truth or Drink with your In-Laws:
1 Hour | $100 per Couple
Couples to resolve an argument in a fun way:
1 Hour | $100 per Couple
100 People for a new Keep It 100 video:
20 minutes | $20
Puppy Breeders for a top-secret project:
5-6 Hours | $tbd

Monday, June 19, 2017

IMTA NY 17 is just around the corner!

IMTA NY 17 is just a few weeks away! We could not be more excited for this huge opportunity for our clients to meet, see, and compete in front of hundreds of LA agencies!

Our very own very talented Mr. Trevor Stines, attended IMTA New York in 2014 with Seattle Talent. He won Male Young Adult Actor of the Year! And now just a few years later after various films and commercials, you can see him star as Jason Blossom, on the new CW Network hit "Riverdale"!

Our own superstar Mr. Brice Fisher in his very first feature film!

Big news for our friend Mr. Brice Fisher from our Yakima team! This very accomplished actor continues his string of successes with a release date for his first feature film, Kidnap starring Halle Berry! The film opens August 4th! Brice is a terrific Actor, and even better guy, we are so very proud of him.

Call Backs are in from the May Agent Day with Nita Brochu of New Beginnings Talent LA!

Call Backs are in from the May Agent Day with Nita Brochu of New Beginnings Talent LA!
First callbacks go out to the following Seattle Talent and Seattle Artist Agency Clients:
Audrey M Williams
Marchany Roman Marchany
Brooklyn Williams
Gaven Honeycutt
Micah Classen
Now a big shout out to the clients on the honorable mention list
Stella Anderson
Catherin Doyle
Caitria Navalta
McKensie Lezano
Ainsley Kimball
Daniel La Voie
Xander Lightenberg
Great work everyone!'s Top Ten Justin and GG Moments!

How cool is this?!"s HiHo series came out with a top 10 segment of our clients GG and Justin Harris! These two are allways busy with and many Zulily shoots, and as you can tell, there is never a dull moment with them around! Congratulations Justin and GG!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wow! Fantastic work girls!

A big congratulations to Ms. Rohyn Huss, Ms. Caroline Gallegos, and Ms. Elise Morin! All three were recently featured in the R+Co modeling show! we heard nothing but amazing things from everyone on this project. Keep up the great work!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Great job from our clients booked for a Dragons & Daisies shoot!

A very big congratulations to our talented clients Dylan Kenji Kikuchi, Kasia Larsen, Jacob Robinson, Chloe Robinson, Benjamin Robinson, Farron Barrier-Flynn, Tre' Bowens, Chloe Tran, Janila Martin, Charlotte Harper, Jett Sokolowski, Jasmine Tyacke, Alexandra Martin, who all booked a shoot for the clothing line Dragons & Daisies! We can not wait to see the photos, although we have heard that they are super cute! As soon as the photos come out we will make sure to share them with all of you!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! We have a busy weekend ahead of us, Justine Hunt of Hines and Hunt, will be in our Seattle office, and all of our clients are excited and ready to audition for her. Also we are extremely delighted to take our talent search to Tri-Cities this weekend to find our next big stars!
Don't forget to hit the like button to keep up with everything going on around Seattle Talent.
And follow Seattle Artists Agency to stay up to date on any opportunities and castings.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Callbacks are in from Nita Brochu of New Beginnings Entertainment!

The Callbacks are in for Nita Brochu or New Beginnings Entertainment!
A big congratulations go out to the following Seattle Talent clients who made either the callback list or honorable mention list for Nita Brochu and New Beginnings Entertainment.
First callbacks go out to the following clients
Audrey M Williams
Roman Marchany
Brooklyn Williams
Gaven Honeycutt
Micah Classen
If the clients listed above will reply to this email I can send callback information to you.
Now a big shout out to the clients on the honorable mention list
Stella Anderson
Catherin Doyle
Caitria Navalta
McKensie Lezano
Ainsley Kimbal
Daniel La Voie
Xander Lightenberg
For the clients on the honorable mention list there is nothing more to do at this time.
Great job everyone !

Callbacks are in for Jamie Malone!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who made the callback list for Jamie Malone and MC Talent LA.
Ryan Kihoro
Audrey Williams
Nancy Moran 
Deborah Mahler
Isaac Osmak
Grace Truman
Kadija Barry
Jules Florian

Monday, June 5, 2017

Our Own Kurtist McCall in a very "Funky" Nike ad!

Hey everyone, Kurtis McCall here at Seattle Talent. You might know me from working the front desk, posting on Facebook, or you've seen me around the office on Saturdays! Recently I was on set for the new Nike ad, featuring Russell Wilson, Starting Quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks.
I was on set for 12 hours, and it blows my mind how during post production they can take 12+ hours of film and turn it into an amazing 1 minute ad!
Turned out better then I could have ever imagined! 
Check it out! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A wonderful Q&A with the beautiful Ms. Cheyenne Hernandez.

Our beautiful Actor / Model Ms. Cheyenne Hernandez, had an amazing Q and A with Eliza Gales for Cheyenne has been cast in Hawaii 5-0, The Cleaner and the Deadman, etc, she truly has a passion for modeling and acting. Keep up the great work Cheyenne, and good luck in Dental School!

The talented Mr. Aaron Raj, has booked a gig with Uber!

Fun stuff from our own Client, and staff member, Mr. Aaron Raj! This talented Actor with serious comedy chops (his stand up is terrific) is in LA, signed with our friends at Maverick Artists, and he just booked a national Uber commercial! Way to go Aaron! We are all so happy for you! Cheers from your friends and family at Seattle Talent!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Congratulations Ms. Claire Talbot!

Congratulations to the beautiful Ms. Claire Talbot, who modeled in a Hair Show for Color Proof in Bellevue! Claire has been a part of our agency for almost 8 month, as she continues to grow into a strong model and actor. Fantastic job Claire, keep up the great work!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Another great booking for!

Another great video by titled "Bartenders Guess Who is Underage". Featuring our clients Devin jones, Christian Berry, Bianca Delmaro, Janell Brown, Kennedy Stinson, Kayla Daffon, and Patricia Roybal. Congratulations everyone, Fantastic job!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The talented Mr. Brandon Villalobos, is working on a project in New York!

This guy is the real deal! Our own Mr Brandon Villalobos, who is in New York, working on set of his new project. Brandon is a very talented, and funny actor, and is genuinely a joy to be around.
Brandon caught up with us this week and said "I am having a blast! From sumo, to Football, to Acting, it is amazing". Brandon we can not wait to hear more about your project soon, and other projects to come! Congratulations from all of your friends, fans, and family here at Seattle Talent.
Keep up with everything Brandon is up to, follow him on Instagram: @brandonavillalobos.

The beautiful Ms. Cece Paige, has been very busy!

Wonderful news from our lovely and talented Ms. Cece Paige! She had a terrific guest starring role on the Emmy juggernaut "Modern Family" as Manny's study date, and had great scenes with Ed O'Niell as well as Rico Rodriguez. Her career is really on the upswing, this is one hard working young Actor. We are so very proud of you Cece!

Monday, May 22, 2017


A sign that IMTA NY 17 is just around the corner! Our good friend, and extremely talented actor Mr. Sharif Abrahim was spotted in the office over the weekend. Sharif was helping teach and train our IMTA NY 17 Seattle team. Everyone here at Seattle talent wanted to reach out and say, thank you Sharif! Our team had a blast, with a lot of work and even more laughs. 
We are just over 1 month away from IMTA NY 17, and we could not be more excited and ready! #BringItOn #IMTANY17

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Signing alert! Ms. Celine Dela Montanye has signed!

Signing Alert!
The super cute, super adorable Ms. Celine Dela Montanye, has signed with both Fran Blain of Blain and Associates, and Milton of AEFH! Celine is always such a joy to have around the office, with a smile from ear to ear. Big things are in the future for this girl. We could not be more proud of this signing. Congratulations Celine, from all of your friends, fans, and family here at Seattle Talent!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our guy Mr. Andy Walken is in LA working on his new movie!

Hey everyone! Check out our own Mr. Andy Walken, down in LA right now working, he has a new movie on the Lifetime network premiering this Sunday! Way to go Andy, as always, we are so very proud of all of your hard work!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Another HUGE booking!

We just had a HUGE booking with CHI Franciscan Hospital, check this list of clients that booked a spot, Mr, Anthony Manago, Ms. April Longacre, Mr. Gerardo Cuevas, Ms. Ilah Dizon, Ms. Lory French, Ms. Christine Naggayi, Mr. David Naggayi, Ms. Grace Nguyen, Mr. Nathan Saunders, Ms. Lora Parks, Mr. Jason Parks, Ms. Cheyenne Hernandez, Mr. Jack House, Mr. Lance Caver, Ms. Heather Ligtenberg, Ms. Janet Sullivan, Ms. Relda White-Weagant, and Mr. James Weagant! Everyone had a blast playing patients for their respected doctor during the shoot. Congratulations to everyone, Great job!

You have to check out this adorable Zulily shoot with Ms. Celine and Ms. Lina!

Check out how utterly adorable our own little Ms. Celine and Ms. Lina, friends already at Seattle Talent, are in their latest shoot for Zulily! What fun these two were able to shoot together!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Heading out for the weekend!

Ok folks, we are turning in for the weekend! Big stuff going on, we are in Idaho Falls for a search, and we have Agent Day in Seattle, hosting the wonderful Ms. Nita Brochu of New Beginnings Entertainment LA! Good luck everyone!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Season finale of Riverdale TONIGHT!

TONIGHT! The season finale of "Riverdale" airs on the CW Network at 9 pm. Featuring Seattle Talents own, Ms. Madelaine Petsch, Mr. Trevor Stines, who both play the Blossom Twins. Everyone here at Seattle Talent will be tuning in, will you?

The extremely talented singer Mr. Jacob McCaslin, with another beautiful cover.

Check out our extremely talented singer Mr. Jacob McCaslin, in this wonderful cover of Alicia Keys "If I Ain't Got You". Absolutely breathtaking, keep up the amazing work Jacob!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Our own Madelaine Petsch wow's us all with her attire at the MTV Red Carpet!

Our very beautiful Ms. Madelaine Petsch wow'd the MTV Red Carpet Sunday night! Madelaine was looking absolutely stunning in black textured romper, making Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Best Dressed list! Although Riverdale was not nominated for any awards this year, you can be sure to see them winning at next years event!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Make sure to check out our very own Power Rangers here!

If you have not seen the new Power Rangers movie, fear not, Power Rangers is still showing at your local theater! Make sure you see it, then head on over and check out our very own Power Rangers. Mr. Alex Heartman, featured as the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai. As well as Mr. Andrew grey, who is also featured as the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Megaforce.

A huge booking for the Oribe Seattle Styling Event!

Huge congratulations to Ms. Kimi Rutledge and Mr. Lucas Allinger! Both were featured models for very popular Oribe products, at the Oribe Seattle Styling Event! Great job you two, keep up the amazing work!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We booked our models for the Bellevue Sexy Hair show!

A huge congratulations to our models Mr. Will Gannon, Mr. Caesar Aguilar, Mr. Hubert Huang, Mr Bryce Macevoy, Mr. Brandon McKnight, and Ms. Elena Amador, for booking the Sexy Hair show in Bellevue! Featuring companies such as American Crew, Paul Mitchell, Joico, etc! A lot of fantastic looks, keep up the great work everyone!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ms. Anjoli Burger-Morris has signed with Management 101!

Fantastic news from the extremely talented Ms. Anjoli Burger-Morris! After killing it at IMTA LA 2017, Ms. Anjoli has signed with one of our favorite Managers in LA, Frederick Levy of Management 101! Anjoli is an excellent Actor, and we are thrilled that she will be represented in LA with a Manager the caliber of Mr. Levy. All of your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent are so proud of you Anjoli!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Our own Mr. Ivan Hansen and his Mother had a super cute shoot for Zulily!

Here is our own very handsome Mr. Ivan and his beautiful mother Mrs. Guzel Hansen, looking absolutely adorable in their latest photoshoot with Zulily! These two have been kept very busy lately and we could not be more excited! Congratulation you two!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A wild Wednesday means a wild GG and Justin Harris!

Talk about a wild Wednesday! The adorable super siblings Ms. GG and Mr. Justin Harris, are going absolutely wild in their super fun shoot with Zulily! These pictures show exactly how their personalities are in real life. We love having these two around the office with all of their energy, they constantly light up any room they walk into! Keep up the great work GG and Justin!