Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maybe the cutest...

I don't know how many of you have had the pleasure of meeting or working with Miah, but she might be the cutest little kid in the entire world. Miah has been with us at Seattle Talent for about for about ten months now, and she is doing incredibly well. She was THE star of a convention in Vegas.  She is a great model and great actress, and won just about every event she entered, including winning Star of the Year for her division. She also won Actress of the Year, honorable mention in Model of the Year, honorable mention in Runway, honorable mention in Fashion Print, honorable mention in Commercial Print, winner of Best Monologue, winner in TV Beauty, honorable mention in TV Commercial, and honorable mention in Best Headshot. Whew. That made me tired just to type all of that!  She has the attention of quite a few talent agents, I can't wait to see what her future entails, everyone here at Seattle Talent is so proud of her. Look at how cute this little actress is:

Congratulations Seattle Talent actor Yelisey!

Look at the great little actor! Yelisey has been a client for a few years, and his brother David and sister Anna are both clients of Seattle Talent too. What a talented family! Here has just acted in his very first commercial, and its for the new SimCity!

Way to go Yelisey!

Seattle Talent model Brannon again!

Here is Seattle Talent's newest star with a new success story!  Brannon Tompkin is a model for the Disney High School Musical 3 video game, and has a big display up in Costco's to advertise a new Nintendo video game. He is signed with the modeling agency division of Coast to Coast, one of the best talent agencies in LA. Coast to Coast has signed some of Seattle Talent's best kids. Here are the photo's his mom snapped in Costco of her handsome little dude:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seattle Talent Actor Austin Wagner

Look at how clever this exciting young actor is! Austin Wagner is a fantastic guy who has been with Seattle Talent for a couple of years now, and has put together a very slick website to promote himself. This is getting to be a popular thing for young actors in Hollywood to be doing, and Austin did a really great job with his:

Seattle Talent Success story.

Hailey Barthel is a great Seattle Talent triple threat, she can act, model, and sing! After attending a convention in Vegas, she has been working with Jason Davis of Fahren Conheit Media NY, and recording original songs. She now has a MySpace page, and needs people to sign up as her friend. The more friends that she has, the more likely she will have success with the record companies. Disney is also looking at her songs to possibly use in a movie! I can't believe how talented the actors and models of Seattle Talent are! 

HELP SUPPORT HAILEY!  Log onto her MySpace page and make a friend request! <

Here are a few pics of Hailey, what a cute and talented young girl:

Seattle Talent Success story.

Hailey Barthel is a great Seattle Talent triple threat, she can act, model, and sing! After attending a convention in Vegas, she has been working with Jason Davis of Fahren Conheit Media NY, and recording original songs. She now has a MySpace page, and needs people to sign up as her friend. The more friends that she has, the more likely she will have success with the record companies. Disney is also looking at her songs to possibly use in a movie! I can't believe how talented the actors and models of Seattle Talent are! 

HELP SUPPORT HAILEY!  Log onto her MySpace page and make a friend request! <

Here are a few pics of Hailey, what a cute and talented young girl:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Seattle Talent model Vlad Ivanoff!

It should be no surprise, but here is another Success story from the Ivanov brothers. Vlad, after sweeping so much at the convention in Las Vegas, has been working non-stop. Here are two photos that were shot by Bruce Weber for Abercrombie and Fitch. Vlad is signed with Paul Nelson of Wilhelmina LA, the top modeling agency in the USA.

Seattle Talent acting star Jackson again!

Here is a couple of YouTube videos from that outstanding Seattle Talent actor Jackson McCune. He is a very talented and very bright guy, and a hilarious actor:

Seattle Talent Acting Success Story!

Here is a note I got from one of the greatest kids in the entire world. Read it and you will understand why he is a fantastic guy, and why everyone at Seattle Talent loves this young actor. Jackson has been with us for almost a year exactly, and he went to a convention in Vegas last summer. He won Actor of the Year for his division, as well as winning Best Monologue, getting first runner-up in TV Beauty Commercial, and getting about fifteen of the best talent agents and talent managers at the convention to put him on their call back list. He also was one of the most popular kids from our group, able to make friends with everyone.

Here is his note to me, as well as a few photos of a great actor you are going to hear a lot from:


I LOVED the convention!

It was exhausting and fun at the same time.
I met tons of agents, managers, and important industry people which will really jump start my career.  I am now in the process of interviewing managers and agents and it is really exciting.  Seattle Talent has been a really important part of making my big dreams a reality.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you for the support and great teachers who are helping to make this even more fun that I imagined!

I really appreciate Seattle Talent and all of the help and guidance you have given me.  I have attached a photo from the convention that shows me winning Actor of the Year!  I still can't believe it!  Whoo hoo!

Jackson McCune
Age 10

Friday, October 17, 2008

Seattle Talent acting Success Story Shelby Zemaneck!

Everyone knows Shelby Zemaneck by now: super cute, super sweet, and a super good actress. She is from our Seattle office, and has made a huge splash in Hollywood so far. Shelby is signed with one of the best talent agencies in LA,  Coast to Coast LA, and has already acted in a few commercials, including an incredibly cute Betty Crocker commercial. She has also acted in a few commercials for Disney and Barbie. She has also turned a guest star appearance on the ABC sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" into a recurring role. Way to go Shelby!

Even cooler is that her first movie comes out really soon!  She has a role in the new Jim Carrey comedy "Yes Man".  We are also very excited to see her in next summer's blockbuster "Angels and Demons", the prequel to "The Davinci Code" that is starring Tom Hanks.

Seattle Talent Actor Success Story!

This is a great little actor from Seattle Talent, his name is Liam Kade. He has already acted in national commercials for Domino's Pizza and Haagen Daz Ice Cream. He also just booked a new campaign for Eggo Waffles. He is a very funny and very sweet little boy, and a fantastic actor, it will be exciting to see what his next success is. Everyone at Seattle Talent is very proud of Liam.

Seattle Talent model Andrey Ivanov

One of a thousand successes I am going to post for this great fashion model. Andrey is flying home from Paris because he has been booked to be the exclusive model for a huge new Trousardi campaign. This should be the start of a great career, and it couldn't be happening for a nicer guy, Andrey Ivanov has the kind of class, poise, and attitude to make himself one of the most successful models in the world. Andrey is signed with fantastic modeling agencies, that he met through Seattle Talent. He is with the agency Ford of Europe, the Wilhelmina agency, and JE Models in SF. Here are some new photo's from Andrey:

Seattle Talent Star Power!

Hey Everyone, here is some more star power, with our own Seattle Talent actor and model Peyton Westcott meeting one of her favorite singers, Jesse McCartney. Peyton is signed with a great talent agency, Buchwald Talent Group, and has acted in a commercial with Honda, and has co-starred in a feature length film titled "Bruised Violet", as well the short film "Decent People". Peyton, also signed with a Seattle Talent Agency, has also acted in three local commercials for "Northwest Afternoon". Here is this great little actress and model in a fun photo with Jesse:

Seattle Talent Star Power!

Seattle Talent Executive Director Nicole Quartermus is a star in her own right, but occasionally she gets together with a few of her fellow celebrities. Here is Nicole hanging out with a few fun personalities, Jessica Simpson and Daughtery.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seattle Talent Actor Success Story!

I just introduced you to a great actor and mode, Brannon Tompkins, a Seattle Talent client,  and here he is acting in his commercial for the High School Musical 3 video game for the Wii console.  Brannon took his first dance class this summer, and is already dancing in a commercial!  Brannon is the handsome dude in the striped shirt.  Way to go Seattle Talent actor/model Brannon!

Seattle Talent Acting Success!

Hey everyone,  here is an update on Seattle Talent actor and model Brannon Tompkins. Brannon is signed with Superior Talent agency in LA, and his talent agent Andrew Crusse is heading up to Seattle in a few weeks, then Sacramento right after that. Brannon spent the month of August down in LA, and was remarkably successful. He acted in commercials with Disney XD and the new Disney High School Musical 3 video game, which was directed by HSM director Kenny Ortega (an old friend of Seattle Talent coach Linda Hoxit-Smith). He has also booked modeling jobs for Disney XD, Nintendo Lifestyle, and a French Clothing catalog Vertbaudet/VB. He is a fantastic kid, and his talent agent is super excited to get Brannon back down to Hollywood for pilot season. Here are two great shots of Seattle Talent model and actor Brannon Tompkins:

Seattle Talent Modeling Success!

Everyone is going to know who these Seattle Talent models are in the next year. Andrey and Vladimir Ivanov of Jare two new stars in the modeling industry. Discovered by Hank Ritter, President at Seattle Talent, they both competed at a convention in Las Vegas, and swept awards for both acting and modeling in their respective competitions. Andrey had callbacks and interest from almost sixty different modeling agencies and talent agencies. Andrey is modeling in Paris, and shooting with a ton of great photographers. He is signed with JE Models modeling agency, Wilhelmina Modeling agency, and one of the best mens modeling agencies in Europe, Ford Europe. He has modeled in multiple campaigns already. Just six months ago he was a bank teller! Vlad Ivanov is already seen on the Abercrombie and Fitch website, and has been working non-stop. Vlad was sought after by virtually every talent agent and modeling agency at the event. He is also signed with both the JE Modeling agency in San Francisco, as well as Wilhelmina LA, the best modeling agency in the US. He is a great guy, who is just as good as actor as model. They are complete professionals, both extremely polite, friendly, and genuinely nice guys. Everyone at Seattle Talent is so happy for their successes.

Here are the two new modeling superstars together:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seattle Talent Talent Agency Audition

Seattle Talent actors and models have a super exciting audition on Saturday the 18th. We are hosting Hollywood Casting Director Jenny Treadwell of Krisha Bullock Casting. Jenny works on the popular Nickelodeon hit "iCarly", and has cast actors for all of the best television shows on Nickelodeon, including "Drake and Josh", "Zoey 101", and "Unfabulous". Good luck!

Here is a pic from one of my favorite actor,s Sam Shruder. Sam won a ton of awards for her acting and modeling skills in July at a convention in Las Vegas, where she got a lot of attention from some of the best talent agencies in LA, and has already acted in her first commercial. She is waiting to hear if she booked a movie with Jackie Chan, as well as being up for an acting role with Harrison Ford. You are going to see tons of this fantastic little actress!

New Program!

Win some Holiday Cash!

We are excited to announce that Seattle Talent is starting a new referral program! Your family can win up to $1500. Just check in with the front desk, and check your email, we have referral forms for you to fill out. Just return the forms to the front desk, and for each name, you will receive a lottery ticket. The more names you put in, the more tickets you get. In a few weeks, we will do a big drawing, and the winner will win $1,000. The client who turns in the most names will also win $500. Good luck everyone!

Here are two of our crazier Seattle Talent actors and models, Kori Lee and Lowell (The LoL show)

Seattle Talent Agency Audition Reminder

Hey Everyone-

A reminder that Mara Santino of Luber Roklin Management is coming to Seattle Talent on Saturday the 18th. They are a fantastic management agency who also produced five movies last year, including "Evan Almighty" starring Steve Carrell. They also represent the Emmy award winning actress Jaime Pressley of "My Name is Earl" and actor Ben Barnes, who played Prince Caspian in "Chronicles of Narnia".  They also represent the actor David Hernie of "Wizards of Waverly Place", actress Sarah Roemer of "Disturbia", and kids who act on "ER", "Entourage", "X-Men 3", "Gossip Girl", "24", and "Boston Legal".  

Last August she signed our fantastic twin actors, Tyler and Lowell Fahs.  The boys have been with us for over a year now, and they participated at the Las Vegas convention, where they were scouted by over fifty Talent Agencies and Modeling Agencies. This photo show the personality of these awesome actors and models very well:

Fun Facts about Seattle Talent!

Hey Everyone,

If you are all Disney fans, then you know who Kenny Ortega is. He is the Director and Choreographer of Disney High School Musical movies. He just worked with Seattle Talent actor Brannon Tompkins on a new commercial for the High School Musical 3 video game. It turns out that Kenny is an old friend of our acting coach Miss Linda. Linda worked with Kenny way back in the 1980's on commercials for Frexinet Champagne. Miss Linda was a very accomplished actress, model, singer, and dancer. Small world!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More success for Seattle Talent model Rory!

Most of the Seattle Talent actors and models know Rory from helping out at the sign-in table on  Talent Agent days. Now he is off modeling and acting in Italy. Here are a few of his photo's from his Seattle Talent modeling portfolio:

Congratulations Seattle Talent model Rory!

Seattle Talent client and model Rory Hjelmaa, who was Model of the Year in January 2007, has just appeared in a new music video for the Italian pop group Sugarfree. Rory, who is signed with a great Seattle modeling agency, Seattle Models Guild, has already been a model in ads for Macy's and Nike, left for Italy this June, and has been working non-stop. He is one our favorite kids, and excellent example of the kind of model, actor, and person that Seattle Talent loves to work with.  Here is his music video:

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Blog!

Hey everyone!

We have a new blog to better keep everyone at Seattle Talent up to date with the happenings of our actors and models, both in the studio, and with what our kids and clients are doing outside of Seattle Talent. With the establishment of a new website, as well as this blog, we are going to be able to really showcase the kids acting and modeling successes in a more interactive and exciting way, as well as allow me to keep everybody up to date with Seattle Talent news in general, including some of the exciting stories from our divisions in other cities.  

I would love all the clients and parents to send any acting and modeling success stories, as well as fun anecdotes and successes that kids are having outside of Seattle Talent. It would be fantastic if you can send a photo or two as well, or if you have their commercial or performance uploaded to YouTube send the link too!

Best Regards,

Michael M. McKay
Vice President, Seattle Talent