Friday, March 20, 2009

Success Story: Hailey!

Hey everyone, check out how cute this little kid is. This little model is Hailey Buchmiller, and she is signing with the IMD modeling agency. Congratulations Hailey, for signing with a great modeling agency, and for making Seattle Talent proud!

Success Story: Olivia!

Congratulations to Seattle Talent client Olivia Hansel! She is a fantastic actress, and went to a convention in LA and received over twenty (!!!) call backs from talent agents, modeling agencies, and managers. It took some time to narrow that down, as any agencies were interested, but she has settled on Hines and Hunt, one of our favorite talent managers from LA. Great job Olivia, you are going to be a very successful actor!

Success Story: Cassie Earl!

This super little kid is Cassie Earl, one of our favorite actors and models, she has a fantastic and fun personality, one look at that smile and you know she is a winner. She has just signed with IMD, a great modeling agency from Oregon. Way to go Cassie!

Success Story: Brannon!

Here is another Success for Seattle Talent actor Brannon Tompkins! Brannon just recently signed with a fantastic talent agent, KSR, and has been very busy filming and acting in commercials for Disney XD, Target, and the city of San Diego Tourist Bureau. He is also represented for print by one of my favorite acting and modeling agencies, Coast to Coast. He is a fantastic actor, and has also done some modeling. We are so proud to have Brannon as our client. Here is a great photo of him, and his Disney XD commercial:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Success Story!

Congratulations to this great child actor, Ben Daniels. Ben is an amazing young comic actor, with an incredibly appealing personality. Ben participated in the LA convention, and received 23 (!!!!!!) talent agency callbacks. Ben has signed with Hines and Hunt talent management group, and also with Kazarian, Spencer, Ruskin & Associates. He has already been submitted for a guest spot on "ER", and a lead role in a film titled "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". Way to go Ben! I can't wait to see what fantastic successes come from this guy.

Success Story!

Congratulations to Josh Baez. Josh is a hilarious kid, and a very good actor, who has been with Seattle Talent for two years now. Josh is signed with a local Talent Agent TCM, and has just booked a TV commercial for Safeco Insurance that will be running for the next six months! Way to go Josh, and I am sure we are going to hear a lot from this great young Seattle actor.

Success Story!

Congratulations to our own Kaitlin Davis! Kaitlin attended the January audition we had with Theresa Pullman, owner of IMD, and she has just signed with the IMD agency. Way to go Kaitlin!

Success Story!

Congratulations to our own little child actor, Alexys Sanchez. She is a super-cute little actress, and she just had a very successful trip to LA, and she has signed with a great talent manager, Rising Talent Management. Way to go Alexys!