Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Callbacks are in!!

Callbacks are in for Susie Mains of Trilogy Talent!

Fantastic job everyone, she could not have been more impressed with the talent and personalities of our clients, and can't wait to come up here again looking for talent. Here are her favorites:

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who are on the callback list from Susie Main of Trilogy Talent.

Sarah-Eve Gazitt
Aliyanna Davis
Christopher Carr
Lorie Holtey
Bradley Means
Kaylib Filpiak
Kawika Loera

Clients on the callback list need to contact me for further direction.

Congratulations to the following clients who are on the honorable mention list from Susie Main of Trilogy Talent.

Mariah Trollan
John Hammer
Adam Benmalek
Alex Nelson
Angelica Duncan
Katie Savage
Christa Greenwood
Jessica Dexter
Britney Konyeaso
Sydney Dupree
Willy Smith
Jonah Beres
Daniel Newman
Griffin Ganz
Kathy Nguyen
Vivian Parodi
Breanna Evans

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