Friday, August 14, 2009

Seattle Talent Success Story!

We are so fortunate at Seattle Talent to work with such amazing kids. I am pleased to announce that both Thess and Azeriah Boudin have signed with the Coast to Coast Talent agency, one of the finest Talent Agencies in LA, as well as with Protege Management. They are a fantastic pair of kids from a fantastic family. They have both worked so hard, traveling from Idaho to our studio in Seattle once or twice a month for the last few months, and their dedication has really payed off. They both participated in the convention in Las Vegas, and it was thrilling to watch their success. Thess was 2nd runner up in "Star of the Year", finished in the top ten in both "Model of the Year" and "Actor of the Year", first runner-up in "Commercial Print" and top ten in "Fashion Print", and Azeriah finished third in the "Actor's Headshot" competition, and finished top ten in both "Commercial Read" events, as well as finished in the top ten in "Scene competition". As if the awards were not exciting enough, Thess finished the week with one of the highest call back totals of the 900 actors/models, she had twenty-seven (27!!!!) agencies interested, and Azeriah was just as impressive with eleven call-backs. The kids already have had several auditions for national commercials, and I expect to be hearing a lot from these two. They are exactly the kind of bright, appealing, and classy kids that make Seattle Talent such an exciting place, and we are very proud of them as clients and proud to call them friends.

Look at how adorable these two are: