Friday, January 8, 2010

Seattle Talent: Talent Agency callbacks are in!

Seattle Talent actors and models did a SUPERB job in the last Talent Agent day of 2009! Milton Perea of AEF Talent in LA was so impressed with all of you, he said everyone was a lot of fun to meet, and he was amazed at how many great actors he found. Here is the list of Seattle Talent actors he was interested in seeing:

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who are on the callback list for Milton Perea , AEF talent.

Jack Bolen
Namrata Chintalapati
Alex Nelson
John Omohundro
Cheyenne Reeves
Griffin Ganz
Brittney Huff
Ian Wells
Chanel Brown
Aidan Devey
Sarah & Natalie Flaherty
Brittany Smith
Braxton Neumiller
Kayla Hagen
Isaiah Jones

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