Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CESD Audition August 28th!

We are very excited to welcome Carol Lynn Sher of CESD in Los Angeles! CESD is a full service agency representing actors and models in all areas. Carol will see our Elite & Career clients at 10:30. All other clients should contact the front desk at 206-903-6900 to book an appointment time. Don’t forget to bring a photo, resume, and be ready to read a commercial.

A quick tip for Saturdays Audition from School Director, Annavon:
“Remember to get lots of sleep the night before. Come well rested and dress nicely. Good luck to everyone auditioning on Saturday!”

Carol Lynn Sher:

Carol Lynn is the Senior Agent Director of Commercials, Modeling, Actor Development, and Young Talent at Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty in Los Angeles.

CESD is a large talent agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

* She has worked as a franchised agent continuously in Los Angeles since 1984
* Winner Seymour Heller Award Talent Managers Association
* 2009 Youth Commercial agent of the Year.
* She has won The Telly award for Best Casting in a Commercial for the Women in Film Organization.

CESD Youth and Theatrical Clients can be seen on:

* Hannah Montana—Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus
* Dancing with the Stars, Nashville Star
* High School Musical 1, 2, 3
* Desperate Housewives--Andrea Bowen and Rachel Fox
* Zoey 101; Unfabulous; Veronica Mars
* Upcoming series The Cleaner: Kevin Michael Richardson, Esteban Powell, Brett DelBuono
* Knights of Prosperity: Kevin Michael Richardson
* Suite Life on Deck new series
* Mad Men --Kiernan Shipka
* Saving Grace—Dylan Minnette
* Dirty Sexy Money –Will Shadley
* Everybody Hates Chris—Vincent Martella
* Cory in the House and “The Game Plan” Madison Pettis
* Journeyman—Charles Wyson also to be featured as young Brad Pitt in Summer O8’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.”
* “Four Christmases” for Christmas ’08 with True Bella as young Reese Witherspoon

Commercials airing now:

Burger King, Volvo, Blockbuster, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Bank of America; VW,
Disney, Target, Dell, Sears, McDonald’s, Dodge, Glade, Office Depot, Best Western,
Old Navy, Taco Bell, Kellogg’s, Countrywide, MTV, VH-1, Nickelodeon, SBC, GMC, Mercedes, Microsoft, Verizon, Mastercard, Coke, Hasbro, Air Force, Pizza Hut, K-Mart, Medicare, Bally’s Health Clubs, Papa John’s, Panasonic, Rite Aid, Savon, Dial, Pediarex, Ready.Gov, Mazda, Cellular One, Toys R Us, Outback, Swiffer, Safeway, Hummer,Best Buy, Bell South, Aunt Jemima, Kodak, Phillip Morris, Febreeze, Progressive and many more.

Print Accounts Include:

Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Disney Stores, Maxim, Brooks Brothers, Vogue, Visa, Toyota, Land’s End, Garnet Hill, Chrysler, Wal-Mart, Munchkin, Apple, H&M, Kellogg’s, Osh Kosh, Quick Star, Mattel, Mervyn’s, Winnie the Pooh, Disneyland, Coca Cola, Marshall Fields, Disney Catalogue, Lady Footlocker, Gap, Baby Gap, Reebox, Target, MGM, Toshiba, Paper Magic Halloween Costumes, Kia, Razor, Del Monte, Martha Stewart, Wellpoint, Sony, Nestle, Gente Magazine, Flamehead, Time Magazine, Bon Appetit, New York Times, and many more.

Good luck to Seattle's best actors and models!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

IMD Agency Callbacks!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who have made the callback list for Teresa Pollman of IMD.

At this time IMD is interested in signing the following clients:

Brittany Smith
Adam Benmalek
Anthony Brown
Alayna Brand
Brooke Bonnell
Kiyoshi Jones
Kyler Travica
Katie Savage
Annalise Adad
Hannah Lozano
Peyton Cuddeback
Rachelle Henry
Christina Adamson
Vondredi Wade
Giselle Gonzales
Lina Roa

At this time IMD has placed following clients on a watch list.

Savannah Shaffer
Yelena Mikshanskaya
Katie Seibel
Tammy Tran
John Hammer
Joseph Karawi
Rashon Miller
Alyssa Rasmus
Phoebe Denning
Toni Christen
Sarah Eve Gazitt
Sophie Gao
Savanah Joeckel
Namrata Chintalapati
Bree Ann Gegg
Ian Wells

Great job everyone!

Talent Agency Callback for Rob D'Avola!

Our actors and models are so talented here at Seattle Talent! Congratulations to the following JSeattle Talent clients who have made the callback list or honorable mention list for Rob D' Avola from Rob D'Avola and Associates.


Ifrah Mumin
Brooke Bonnell
Chloe Reder
Savanah Joeckel

Honorable Mentions

Victoria Squillace
Breanna Evans
Emily Everhart
Zach Garbarino
Bailey Yeck
Braxton Neumiller
Alyson Wong
Emma Jensen
Isabella Adad
Ryan Musehl
Coby Daumen

If your name appears on one of these two list please email for your callback information.

Great Job!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent models!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent models who have booked the Fashion show at Macys in Bellevue. The show will feature Madonna's new clothing line "Material Girl" as well as her new sunglass by Dolce and Gabbana.

Ayesia Rogers
Katie Seibel
Danielle Eng
Giselle Gonzales
Savannah Shaffer
Juliane Hagn
Brooke Bonnell
Savanah Joekel
Karoline Clark

Way to go Ladies!

Congratulations to Seattle Talent Star Mathias Anderle!

Things are happening quite fast for Seattle Talent's very own Mathias Anderle. He has been working hard since the release of his first single "Shine On" and his new movie, Nickelodeon's "School Gyrls.""Summer Time" Mathias' second single has just been released on itunes and Amazon! In September Mathias will be headlining Youth Fest on the Coca Cola stage at the Puyallup Fair! From everyone here at Seattle Talent, congratulations Mathias! Check out "Summer time" by Mathias Anderle, and look for him September 26th at the Puyallup Fair!