Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update on Success Story Justin Luz!

A few months ago we posted a success story about Justin Luz. He was discovered by our very own Hank Ritter in our Sacramento office. Justin attended a convention in Las Vegas 2010 this summer and did phenomenally. He walked away with 49 callbacks from a variety of agents, casting directors, and managers while also claiming the convention's 2010 Male Model of the Year!

In a short period of time Justin has been extremely successful. Take a look at him on the cover of Men's Health magazine, Singapore!

Great Job Justin!

The Social Network

(September 23, 2010 - Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America)

The Social Network

Seattle Talent agency Graduate Brenda Song was featured this year in the anticipated major motion picture, "The Social Network." She Starred along side big names such as Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, Rashida Jones, and Rooney Mara. "The Social Network" a story about the founders of the social-networking website, Facebook, hit theaters October 1st and now it has been nominated for NINE Critic's Choice Awards!

Rumors of potential Oscar nominations are as follows:

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
Best Adapted Screen Play

Success comes fast when Seattle Talent scouts in Bend, OR!


In October, we went on a scouting trip to Bend, Oregon, and found some terrific new talent. We sent in one of our favorite Agents, Theresa Pullman of IMD and Wilhelmina, and she already signed four of our Bend kids!

Congrats goes out to:

Nathan Woodworth
Hailey Smith
Deagl'an Lundquist
Reed Dixon

IMD also mentioned that they want to keep an eye on Annabel Pineda and Karlyn Breitbach. Way to go Bend clients!

Did anyone watch Taylar Holloman on the Office!

How many of you watched the hour long episode of "The Office" the other night, "A Classy Christmas"? That was our very own Taylar Holloman playing the role of Daryl's daughter. She was in most of the last half hour of the show, and had a ton of lines, and so much screen time. She looked adorable, and did an amazing job. She has been with us since ...before her 5th birthday.You are going to see a ton of postings about this terrific little actress.

Congrats from all your friends and fans at Seattle Talent, Taylar!

You can watch the full episode at NBC.com, "The Office", "A Classy Christmas."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Congrats to Seattle Talent's Karlie Jean on her commercial!

Karlie Jean is a fantastic girl who has been apart of the Seattle Talent family for quite a while now. She attended a convention and successfully signed with a great agency down in LA, CESD. She is also represented by a spectacular local agency TCM Model and Talent.

Karlie just finished shooting a commercial for Primera Blue Cross! Congrats Karlie!

Seattle Talent Congratulates Chase Vanek!

Chase Vanek is at it again! He had some great success back in 2009 as the young Michael Meyers in Halloween 2, directed by Rob Zombie. We just got news that Chase has booked two more movies slated for 2011. The first is "Decisions," an action packed film starring Corey Haim. The second is "You'll Never Amount to Anythi...ng," a drama including Martin Landau and Barry Williams, where Chase will be playing the character of Todd. From everyone here at Seattle Talent congratulations Chase!