Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seattle Talent Client William Liu

Hey everyone, here is a very cute little boy who signed with Hank when we traveled to Reno last weekend. His name is William Liu, his parents are Mike and Mei, and not only is he a neat kid, he is a very polished magician, and pulls of a tux better than any 7 year old I know.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Congratulations to Seattle Talent's Sam Schuder!

This spectacular little girl is Sam Schuder! Sam attended our studio two years ago and what a ways, she has come! Sam has accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time. More recently, she has just booked a major feature film with a supporting role in the thriller movie, "The Next Gas Station"!

Sam has had a lot of experience leading up to her first major motion picture. She has had a recurring role on "The United States of Tara", co-starred in "The Middle", shot a pilot for ABC, did a short for Comedy Central called "Matumbo Goldberg", and has done national commercials for Clorox and Verizon!

We are so proud of her! Congratulations from all of your friends and fans at Seattle Talent! Keep up the fantastic work.

Audition Alert!

Julie Fulop from AKA Talent Agency will be here in the Seattle office scouting for talent on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Julie Fulop is the head of the youth division and also works in the theatrical division for all ages at AKA. AKA is a full service agency in LA representing a wide variety of stars including Burt Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Heather Morris (Glee), Lucas Till (Hannah Montana), Nate Torrance (Mr. Sunshine), Daniel Day Kim (Hawaii Five-0), Chevy Chase, Joel McHale, and many more.

Good Luck everybody!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Callback list: Susie Mains from Triology Talent

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who have made the callback list for Susie Mains , Trilogy Talent. Everyone did a spectacular job during the general audition!

Katie Leslie
Celine Eddings
Kenny Ridwan
John Omohundro
Madison Moilanen
Alexie Darst
Chelsey Davis
Olivia Forslund
Michael Li
Michelle Li

Congratulations to Seattle Talent's Lakeesha C. !

Lakeesha is one of our finest models here at Seattle Talent! We wanted to congratulate her on signing with one of the best agency's in town, TCM Models and Talent! We know that you will be very happy there Lakeesha, and we expect to see more of your work soon! Check out some of her fantastic photos above. Great work Lakeesha, from all of your fans here at Seattle Talent!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seattle Talent's American Idol star Keonna Evans!

Keonna Evans owned American Idol last nite! Our whole staff had chills watching the lead up to her time to sing, and then her group got a standing ovation from Randy, J-Lo, and Steven Tyler! We are going to have the whole Seattle Talent family voting for you Keonna!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seattle Talent's Denise Urbina!

Check this kid out, Denise Urbina has been with us for about two years now, and just took a huge step. She went to down to LA for a convention and has signed with The Crawford Agency. She has a huge personality, you can tell by the smile, good luck from all your friends and fans at Seattle Talent!!

Seattle Talent's actress Colbi Earley!

This sweetheart of a kid is Colbi Earley, who has all the enthusiasm in the world, and is one of our Spokane clients, and she had a really successful convention, and just signed with the Copeland Williams Agency. Way to go Colbi!

Congrats Seattle Talent Actors Ayden and Logan Savage!

Here are two super little kids, Logan and Ayden Savage. They are part of our amazing group of actors and models from Spokane. Logan went down to a convention in LA, and did very well, and both boys have signed with 323 Talent Management in LA. Way to go boys!

Seattle Talent's Asher Lindgren!

Fun stuff happening with this terrific little actor. He just signed with Cynda Snow Management, and also is being represented by the Shirley Wilson And Associates Talent Agency. Asher has already auditioned for National Commercials for Walgreen's and Wal Mart, and with that face, I can't imagine he isn't going to be booking something big very soon. Best of luck to you Asher from all your friends and fans at Seattle Talent!

Seattle Talent Actor Cassandra Vega!

Look at this gorgeous kid! This is Cassandra Vega from our Reno office, she just signed with two huuuuuuuuge agencies. She is going to be with the terrific Clear Talent Group LA, one of our favorite Talent Agencies, and going to be managed by the very prestigious Luber Rocklin Management. Way to go Cassandra, you are going to do great!

Seattle Talent actor Tristan Pasterick!

This kid is all sorts of awesome. The hilarious Tristan Pasterick just booked an episode of Disney's "I'm in the Band", and it debuted February 7th. He was even in the trailer. He is an incredible comic actor, and I can't wait for the email from his Mom that says he is starring in his own series. Way to go Tristan, all your friends and fans at Seattle Talent are rooting for you!

Seattle Talent actress Shelby Zemaneck!

This awesome little girl has had quite a career so far. In addition to "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey, and "Angels and Demons" with Tom Hanks, she has been in "How I Met Your Mother" twice, did an adorable Betty Crocker commercial, as well as many others. She just did a national commercial for "Northern Trust Bank" airing in a few weeks at the PGA Northern Trust Open. Way to go Shelby! All your friends and fans at Seattle Talent miss you!

Seattle Talent actor Max Dobak!

This handsome little guy is Max Dobak, and just signed with two excellent agencies from LA. He is going to be managed by Trilogy Talent, and his agency is the excellent House of Representatives. Max is a very talented actor, and a terrific kid, and all of his friends and fans wish him the best in LA. Way to go Max!

Congrats to Seattle Talent Actor/Model Nikko Tamura!

Look at this little guy! He just looks like he should be in a commercial for everything. Nikko was just an extra in the PBS series "BizKids", and he also did some modeling for Eddie Bauer for a new line that will be out later this year. Way to go Nikko!

Congrats to Seattle Talent Actor Ventzi Vassilev!

This terrific actor is Ventzi Vissilev, and he is in the featured video in Rolling Stone Mag and on the Rolling Stone website, as the lead in Destroyer's awesome new video "Kaputt". Ventzi, who is an amazing dancer (everything from ballroom to pop locking) as well as actor, is signed with AEF LA, and has already done a few commercials. Way to go Ventzi!

Here is the video, it's awesome!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seattle Talent Success Story, Alex Heartmen!

Seattle Talent Client Alex Heartman is currently appearing in the new “Power Rangers” series on Nickelodeon! He will be playing a lead character, as the Red Ranger. Alex began his career four years ago with our very own, acting and modeling Guru, Hank Ritter. He also attended a convention where he was discovered and signed by Brown Leader Management Group. After those 4 years of work and development, Alex at age 20 has landed this amazing opportunity!

The show premiered last Monday evening on Nickelodeon and an episode will be shown every Sunday at noon. The first season has already been shot and the cast is soon going back to New Zealand to film the second season. Congratulations Alex!

Check out trailer featuring Alex, below:

Congrats to Seattle Talent's Sabrina Tatham!

Congratulations to Seattle Talent's Sabrina Tatham! Sabrina has been extremely busy and hard at work. As of recently she has been shooting a pilot episode for, "The Sweater Girl Club". It is being produced by Oliver Tuthill of Blue Wood Films. Sabrina is also doing a photo shoot for the Twistii Hair, with Liz Havlin the inventor of the Twistii. One of her most recent photo shoots was with amazing photographer Paige Creig, who shot the photos above. Sabrina is signed with local talent agency Copeland Williams Talent. Congratulations Sabrina on your fantastic work!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Congratulations to Seattle Talent's Pierson Fode!

We want to congratulate one of Seattle Talent's very own, Pierson Fode. Pierson attended a convention in LA this past January and was one of the most sought after male models during the competition and event. Pierson won awards in the convention; Star of the Year, Best Runway Walk, Best Fashion Print Photos, Best Scene Performance, Best TV Beauty Commercial Read, and won his division in Model of Year, Best Runway Walk - High Fashion, Best Commercial Print Photos, Best Actor's Headshot, and Best Smile! He received some of the most callbacks, 58 in total!

We just received news that Pierson has signed with one of the best agencies in the country, Wilhelmina Modeling Agency! Wilhelmina has represented and continues to represent some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

From everyone here at Seattle Talent, congratulations Pierson!