Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seattle Talent Artist Hailey Hoff!

Congratulations to our Seattle Talent artist, Hailey Hoff! Hailey was recently featured on as a new artist spotlight! Her music is already making her a big success. She currently has almost 66,000 hits on her single "Right back" on her Myspace page! Great job Hailey! Watch out Hollywood Pop scene, here comes Hailey Hoff!

Congrats to Jessica Jocoy from Seattle Talent!

Seattle Talent's Jessica Jocoy just released her first single, "Your Angel" on!
Jessica has been with us for quite some time now and we wanted to wish her the best on her debut of such a fantastic single! Her genre of music for the track is alternative country. Jessica states that she has just started writing with a "country flavor" but country has always been her favorite type of music. Congratulations Jessica from your friends and fans at Seattle Talent!

Great Work, to Seattle Talent's Pierson Fode!

Great job on the first round of photos Pierson! Everyone here at Seattle Talent is very excited for you and can only picture great things for you in the future!

Pierson, one of Seattle Talent's most popular and brightest male models, just shot his first photo test with acclaimed, Wilhelmina Models! Wilhelmina is one of the top modeling agencies in the world. It continues to represent models and Hollywood figures alike. We are very proud to have one of our very own with such a reputable and spectacular agency.

We did a highlight on Pierson earlier this year right after a convention, where he won Star of the Year, Best Runway Walk, and Model of the Year to name a few. He also walked away with 58 callbacks!

Great Job Pierson, keep up the good work!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Seattle Talent Actor Justin Lighthizer!

Cheers for Justin Lighthizer! He competed at a convention, and just signed with a great Talent Manager, Omnium Entertainment. Justin is a truly funny guy, and is just a sit-com waiting to happen. He and his brother, our amazing client Tyler, are both down in LA going out on auditions. Way to go Justin, good luck buddy!

Seattle Talent Client Johnny Hammer!

Update on Johnny Hammer! This guy has exuded star power since his first Audition with Seattle Talent, and had that great music video I posted a few weeks ago, has signed with the Momentum Talent Agency in LA, and is going to be spending time down there. This kid is the business, I can't wait to see how he does down in Hollywood. Good luck Johnny from your friends and fans at Seattle Talent.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seattle Talent Success, Kat Demello!

We want to congratulate one of our very own on some of her amazing work. Kat Demello, is a long time client and has really grown to be apart of the Seattle Talent family. We posted some of her success earlier on at the end of last year. Since then she has been working on an educational video, directed by Bogden Darev, for the Seattle School District. It will be used in middle schools throughout Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma, to spread awareness about the health and vitality of Puget Sound. Kat is signed with Rising Talent Management and Central Artists down in LA. She has also done work for Petsmart and Nintendo Wii!Great job Kat, we are so happy for you and your success! Keep up the spectacular work!

Puget Sound is Polluted (teaser) from Bogdan Darev on Vimeo.

Seattle Talent Audition Alert!

Justine is the co-owner of Hines & Hunt which is a Talent Management firm in Los Angeles. She is looking for actors of all ages and typecasts. Justine has been traveling to Seattle Talent for many years and represents many of our success stories such as Shelby Zemanek (Angels & Demons, Yes Man, How I Met Your Mother), Mathias Anderle (Nickelodeon's School Gyrls), Justin Luz (Cover of Men's Health), just to name a few. Bring a photo, resume, and be ready to audition with your favorite commercial.

Good Luck!

Seattle Talent's Emma J.

Congratulations to Seattle Talent's Emma J.! Emma is one of our spectacular little actresses and models. She attended a convention in January, along with many of our other clients and she did fantastically! We just got news that she has recently signed with TCM Model and Talent here in Seattle.

Great Job Emma! We are so proud of you, from everyone here at Seattle Talent!

Audition Alert! March 12th

Tiffany Rochel
Saturday, 3/12/11
Macy’s – 3rd Floor – Stewart Street Room

We just returned from the most recent convention in Los Angeles. The group we just took did exceptionally well. We were chosen Studio of the Year for a record 6th time. Many of our clients were recognized individually as well. Overall our group received more than 600 callbacks from agents and managers. For those of you not familiar with the convention, it is an incredible opportunity for our best and brightest to showcase their talent in front of 100 plus agents, managers, casting directors, and record labels.

We are very fortunate to welcome back Tiffany Rochel, Vice President of the convention, who will be here assisting us in the search for our next star! Tiffany was here a few weeks back and is coming one last time this season to make sure everyone is seen for this incredible opportunity.

Call in to schedule an appointment time! 206.903.6900

Those of you who recently auditioned in Yakima or Tri Cities for the convention do not need to attend this audition. Those of you in Wenatchee will also have an opportunity to audition for this at a later date.

Congrats to Seattle Talent's Sarah Anne Flansburg!

Congratulations to Seattle Talent's Sarah Anne, she just signed with the Crawford Agency down in LA. Sarah Anne attended a convention in LA this past January and she did phenomenally! She won 1st runner up for commercial print modeling, 2nd runner up for TV beauty commercial, and 3rd runner up for best head shot. Along with signing, Sara Anne also shot a commercial for Joe TV (Featured below)! Congrats from all your fans here at Seattle Talent!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seattle Talent Client Lucas Martin!

Look at this little dude! This is Lucas Martin from our Sacramento team, and he just signed with a superb Talent Manager, Myrna Lieberman Management. Such a great face, and great personality, good luck Lucas!!

Seattle Talent client Christian Tran!

Update on Seattle Talent's Christian Tran! He just signed with Omnium Entertainment/Stone Casting in LA, and also received an offer from Jeromy Apody, one of the best commercial Agents in LA. Christian also just booked his first print job, and modeled for the San-Mar Clothing company. Way to go Christian!!!