Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seattle Talent Agency Callbacks are in!

Callbacks are in! Nita Brochu of New Beginnings Entertainment was just in the Seattle Studio, and our Actors did superb job. Ms. Brochu, mother of Doug Brochu of Disney's "So Random", and Chris of Disney's "Lemonade Mouth" and the feature film "Soul Surfer", absolutely loved meeting everyone, and here are her callbacks: Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent Clients: Alexa Lane, Imara Bhanji, Aryana Bhanji, Garrett Young, Solomon Freeman, Mariska Lebahn, and Ritvik Rasisht (pictured above, he is an amazing kid!) Nita also wants to give a shout out to the following clients. She is not able to offer you representation however at the audition each of you did something special and she wishes to recognize you for that : Amaya Lawrence, Katie Newberry, Amelia Knobloch, Lydia Knoeloch, Christina Calden, Taylor Stone, Eric Nguyen, Kalie Zellmer, Ashlyn Bogocious, Amara Davis, Shyli Burlingame, Angel Rose, Jose Salgado, Ben Sanders, Lyle Johnson, Kassie Humphrey, Lauryn Johnson, Lucy Wickersham, Jennifer Zender, Thawda Waing, Brandi Campanilla, Sierra Garcia, Maria Pledger, Brandie Vargas, Trinity Brown, Shuk Mohomud, Charlene Miller, Rachelle Henry

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