Friday, August 24, 2012

Seattle Talent Actor Mason Miles!

Great news from Nita Brochu of New Beginnings Talent! She just emailed about signing our own Mason Miles! Mason did an amazing job at a convention in January, Nita was so pleased she has already had him read for a few projects, and thinks he is going to do really well. Congrats Mason!

Seattle Talent Actor Kaylee Conklin!

Congrats to Kaylee Conklin! She is a wonderful kid from a great family, her brother Maddox is also one of our actors, and she just emailed with the great news that she has signed with the Crawford Agency in LA. Way to go Kaylee!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seattle Talent Actor/Model Micah Hartmann

Check out this handsome East Wenatchee Actor/Model Micah Hartmann. He was a part of our team down in LA at a convention, and he was a blast to work with. He just signed with Apex Talent Group down in LA, and will be heading down this is fall to spend some time auditioning. Micah is a very strong actor, and a charming guy, so I can't wait to see what he books. Congrats from your friends and fans here at Seattle Talent Micah!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Seattle Talent Model Cole!

Update on Cole Jesienouski from our Spokane Team! After Hank Ritter discovered him, he signed with Wilhelmina LA. He just booked his first job, a national campaign for Sketcher's. Way to go Cole!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Seattle Talent star Vladimir!

Update on Vlad Ivanoff! Our Supermodel from our Sacramento group was just up in Seattle to shoot for, and caught up with the man who discovered him, our President Hank Ritter. Vlad got his start at a modeling convention, and has become one of the most successful male models in the world. He works non-stop, with Calvin Klein being on of his top clients, but also for Abercrombie, Gant, Nordstrom, Macy's, Barney's, appears in everything from GQ to Italian Vogue to The Wall Street Journal. He is a very charming and charismatic guy, and we are all very proud of what he has accomplished.

Seattle Talent Star Chloe Myers of Spokane!

Hey Clients, with Tiffany from an acting/modeling convention here tomorrow to check out our Talent, I was going through my convention folder and found a wonderful little girl I forgot to post about from the last trip. This cutie is Chloe Myers, she was discovered by Hank Ritter in Spokane. She was just incredible in LA, from handling the pressures of the huge runway in front of hundreds of people, to hanging out with Davis Cleveland and friends from Shake it Up, to winning all sorts of awards, to getting callbacks from 16 (!!) different agencies. She has signed with TCM Models, and will be in LA soon to take it to the next level. We are all big fans of Chloe!

Seattle Talent Actor Jaron Adams!

Quick shout out to Jaron Adams, who was discovered by Hank Ritter from our Eugene Oregon team of talent. After a highly successful trip to a convention in LA, where he got 17 Agents interested in him, he signed with Hines and Hunt, one of our favorite Talent Managers in LA, and she has already had him read for a new Nick pilot. Jaron is a very strong Actor, and I expect to be posting a lot of good news about this guy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seattle Talent's Pierson Fode!

Check out our own Pierson Fode, discovered by Hank Ritter on one of our trips to Eastern Washington. Here's Pierson highlighted in Seventeen Magazine. Way to go Pierson! Here is the Seventeen Magazine post: One of the best things about summer: hot guys at the beach! We'd spend ANY day at the beach with iCarly cutie Pierson Fode! Click here to see other hot celebs without their shirts!