Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update on Seattle Talent's Brian Gillette!

Update on our outstanding Eugene Actor/Model Brian Gillette! He has followed up with his success down in LA by signing with one of the best Agencies in LA, our friends at AEF (they put our little Alexys Sanchez in her MTV Award winning role in "Grown Ups), he has also signed with Gem Entertainment Management. Brian is a superb young actor, and I can't wait to post his first booking. Meanwhile, follow him on Facebook! He will be at our Audition in Eugene this Saturday along with Springfield Super Model Erica Huber! Congrats from all your friends and fans at Seattle Talent Brian!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Congrats to our clients in Dallas!

Big News in the Big D! Congrats to our Dallas clients and a great job at Agent Day. Here are the callbacks for two of the Agencies we hosted. Great job everyone!

The Moxie Agency:

Ashish Kunwar
Ashley TaRai’ Morris
Julian Olibrice
Caden Curry
Ashli Burgos
Freddy Martinez
Xavier Baker

The Callidus Agency.

Brian Umoru
Ashley TaRai" Morris
Kenneth Goodson
Maddie Briggs
Xavier Baker

Caitlin Marie Wilson

Friday, January 25, 2013

SAA Casting Alert!

An international production company is searching for a young male actor/singer! This job does require travel to Japan, so please read the entire post. Clients, Please check your email for how to submit an audition!


Ages 8-14
Any Ethnicity


-GrapeSeed English curriculum ( is an English language curriculum that is sold to schools in Asia.

-You must record and upload your own audition videos for this casting!

-Please record the following (see attachments):

1.Sing the "Level 12 Part 1" song
*Level12_Part1-with vocals_NOV 27.mp3 - This track can be used to learn the song
*Level12_Part1-with karaoke parts_NOV 27.mp3 - This track has the vocals muted during the bold lines in the script. Please use this for the song audition.
*GrapeSeed Audition Script_NOV 27 2012.doc - This document has the audition lines in BOLD.

2.Read the poem titled "The Beach"
*THE BEACH POEM_demo.mp3 - This is a recording from the GrapeSeed curriculum to demonstrate how fast the poem reading should be.
*GrapeSeed Audition Script_NOV 27 2012.doc - This document has the audition lines in BOLD.

3.Sing a short excerpt of a song of your choice (15-30 seconds).

Tips for the Songs:
 For the audition it is important that you are natural, excited, silly and have a fun and constant connection with the camera. Some dancing would be nice but not at the expense of your connection with the camera. The project is for early elementary age students who might not always understand what they're hearing/seeing so it's important that the actors sing the lines with clarity and a lot of emotion. They should sing loudly enough that they're voices don't sound timid - even if this song is at the low end of their vocal range. You should dress modestly and youthfully. Any kids on the older side of the age range should try to look as young as possible.

Tips for the Poem:
 The Beach poem read should be recorded close to the camera with frequent or constant eye contact with the camera. Your read should be slow, articulate and clearly enunciated. The more excitement and silliness the better. I've attached an audio demo of the poem. The song auditions should be recorded far enough away from the camera that we can see your body language (mid-torso and up)


Audio recording will take place at a local studio, and you will be flown to Japan (with a chaperon/parent) to shoot the video.

Trip Info/Schedule:

 The trip will be approximately 2 weeks. Pay is approximately $600 per work day. The studio pays 50% of the contracted daily fee for travel days, the fitting day and any days off during the week but not for weekend non-production days. Actors are always paid a full day but they'll always work less than a full day to stagger the cast. For each actor and 1 chaperon/parent the studio pays for travel, accommodation and meals. All meals will be provided either at the studio or at the hotel/apartments on working days. They offer a 5,000 yen or $60.00 US per diem for any non-working days. They also enjoy touring visitors around, and will plan trips on  off-days.

Tentative schedule for the shoot:
Depart Vancouver on Thursday, April 11th.
Fitting day on Sunday, April 14th
Shooting Monday 4/15 - Friday 4/19
Day off (Reserve Shooting day) Saturday 4/20
Day off
Shooting 4/22 -4/24
Day off (Reserve shooting day) 4/25
Leave Japan, Friday 4/26

Description, Days, Rate, Total:
Travel, (2), $300,  $600
Fitting, (1), $300, $300
Shooting, (8), $600, $4,800
Total:  $5,700



Union Bay Casting Alert!


Union Bay Clothing is looking for a MALE FIT MODEL!

Looking For:
Medium/Athletic fits but not overly muscular.
Age:  18 – 27
Height:  5’10 – 6’1 ½
Top size:  Medium
Pant size:  32
Chest:  38 – 40
Waist (natural):  31 – 33
Seat:  39 – 41

Please only show up at the casting if your measurements fall within ALL categories.

Date: Monday January 28, 2013

Union Bay Clothing HQ
1633 Westlake Ave N.  #300
Seattle, WA 98109

 There is free parking in the lot.  Ask for Natalie when you get there.
 SMILE, and have fun!


Good Luck!

Update on Seattle Talent's Jacob McCaslin!

Update on Seattle Talent performer Jacob McCaslin of Issaquah! His music video is just out, and already over 50,000 views! Check out his links as well, everyone in the office loved the song, and loved the video. Way to go Jacob!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seattle Talent's Tristan Pasterick!

Seattle Talent client, Tristan Pasterick, is one of the co-stars of a new television show that premiers tonight on the Cartoon Network. The show is called "Incredible Crew". It is a kids sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live and is produced by Nick Cannon. For those of you in Seattle it is on channel 42 (Comcast) at 8PM. For everyone else, please check your local listings and tune in to support Tristan! Check our more about the show here: Congratulations Tristan!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seattle Talent's Riley June!

Big news for our Reno/Carson City client Riley June! She has booked a new show on the CW Network called Wordman. she has a reoccurring role as a student on the show, and it will have a ten week run. Way to go Riley, we will be watching!

Congrats to the following Seattle Talent Clients!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who received a callback from Karla Huff of Dream Talent Management LA!

Nora Shaner
Harley Williams
Erin Gruber
Hannah Beeler
Leesha Leiner
Lauren Swindlehurst
Isabel Finston
Ryan Broersma
Jade Dudoward
Alexis Maldonado
Dillon Matthews
Gabe Matthews
Kelsey Myers
Rayna Laakso
Karter Bernhardt
Seiji Wood
Bentin Carter

Friday, January 11, 2013

Seattle Talent's Solomon Freeman!

How cute is this kid? This little dude is Solomon Freeman, just back from LA, where he won so many awards for his acting/modeling skills he could not even carry them, and also had over 20(!!!!!!!) Agencies interested in him. He obviously has a great look, but his personality is even more amazing, I can't believe that much swag fits in that tiny body. Congrats to all of your success Solomon, kids like you make Seattle Talent the greatest place to work!

Update on Seattle Talent's Erica Huber!

More big news from our super Model Erica Huber of Springfield Or. After signing her with Wilhelmina and our friends over at TCM, she has been working non-stop. She just booked a local-ballet themed shoot (Erica is an amazing dancer), she has already booked the Bellevue Fashion week, she has been shooting for, and she is getting ready to go back to NY, where she will be just amazing. We love this kid, she has started her own Facebook page, so let's all go "like" her page! Http://! Congrats!

Seattle Talent's Brian Gillette!

Hey everyone, this is Brian Gillette, one of our outstanding clients from Eugene, Oregon. He just got back from a huge Talent competition in LA, performing in front of a hundred of the best Agents and Managers in LA. No suprises, Brian just owned the place. Not only did he win many awards, but he was asked to host the Showcase at the Awards banquet, and received callbacks from over 20 different Agencies. Brian is a superb Actor, has a great look, and possesses a lot of drive and charm. We wish him luck as he heads to LA to pursue his career full time, I can't wait to post his first job. Congrats and good luck from all your friends and fans at Seattle Talent Brian.

Seattle Talent's David Neel!

Quick shout out to our friend David Neel. This handsome actor/model from Washington has signed with a great NW Agency, Red Thread Entertainment in PDX. Congrats David!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seattle Talent's Lauren Brougher!

Check out Lauren Brougher! We found this amazing Model in December in our Boise search, from Nampa,Idaho. We have already signed her with our friends at Seattle Models Guild, look at how absolutely stunning her first photo shoot is. Congrats Lauren, from all your friends and fans at Seattle Talent!