Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Actors Casting Alert!

Attention: Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency

The following audition announcement is for a paid acting job…

A major television network is currently looking for actors for the following parts:

Deborah: Our victim. Mid 30's Kind, hardworking, loves her daughter.

Katie: Deborah's daughter. She's in the 4th grade 9-10 years. Very sweet and loving.

Richard: Mid 30's. Deborah's banker husband. A city boy that moved to the country. He started out being a loving husband and became cruel and had many affairs.

Leeman: 50's - 60's he is Richard's father. A Blue collar guy and outdoorsman. Gruff and grumpy but sweet, kind and lovable to his granddaughter.

Carlos: Mid 30's. Deputy for the area, first on the scene. A very good friend and confidant of Deborah.  He arrives on the scene to find her dead body.

Tony: Late 20's. Deborah's younger brother.


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