Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Actors Casting Alert!

Attention: Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency

The following audition announcement is for a paid acting job…

A major television network is currently looking for actors for the following parts:

Ronnie - 15 yrs old - Pat's son from her first marriage. He was a mama's boy, would do whatever Pat told him to do. He was a brooding and trouble teen

Patricia - Late 20's - Early 30's Beautiful, Dramatic, spoiled, entitled, a master manipulator

Tom - Late 20's to Early 30's, Handsome, hard working, unknowing, Was married to Pat and would do ANYTHING she told him to do, hated his parents Walter and Carolyn

Carolyn - 40's to 50's, caring and kind woman, would do anything her husband (Walter) told her to do

Walter - 40's to 50's Strict and strong willed, he was very hard on his son

Paw(Don) - Late 50's - 70's Tom's grandfather a kind and caring man was unaware of what was going on

Nona - Late 50's - 70's Tom's grandmother a kind a caring woman was unaware of what was going on

Clients must be available for the booking: Tuesday, October 22nd through Saturday, November 2nd


You must be a client of Seattle Talent or Seattle Artists Agency. Do not forward this email to people who are not represented by us, as this will result in being canceled from Seattle Talent.

This is all the information that we have at this time.