Friday, September 6, 2013

Congrats to the Following Clients!

Congrats to all the Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency Models booked for the IADT Fashion Show coming up right here at Macy's!

Abbygale Shea
Anthony Yanez
Armando Farias
Chloe Terrell
Hailey Miller
Jeremiah Martin
Mattie Gillaspy
Nina-Marie Petitpas
Nina-Rose Ratuita
Rafael Estevez III
Ray Von Medley
Sydney Wallis
Danielle Croom
Ashley Finkbeiner
Brittany Clemans
Chantelle Dunlap
Kyler Sawyer
Lindsay Prewitt
Madison Wallis
Sarah Dean
Shelby Renells
Veronica Silva
Kendra Clark