Thursday, October 17, 2013

Actors Casting Alert!

Attention: Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency

The following audition announcement is for a paid acting job…

A major production company is filming in Spokane and currently looking for actors for the following parts:

RAVAN: 14 year old boy. Dark hair shoulder length, brown eyes, tall and lean no facial hair yet, wearing his everyday working, hunting clothes—all well worn (trousers, tunic, overcoat) carries

bow, arrows, knife, wears his necklace with the ring. Will be filmed running for his life, through the woods.

D’ATA: Young priest. 17-19 yrs old. Handsome, innocent yet intense. Falls in love with JULIANNE, creating quite a stir within the congregation.

JULIANNE is 17, beautiful, imperfect teeth (A gap?) strawberry blonde. Willowy, strong, the country girl every boy would fall for. Will need to be comfortable falling into a pool on her back, eyes open.

ADULT RAVAN: see 14 yr Ravan for physical characteristics. Now 23-25, adult Ravan is a mercenary. Actor should be willing to grow facial hair prior to shoot. Scene emphasis will be on the sword in a clash on the battlefield! This actor should be uninhibited.

MALE: Caucasian, European. Scene is a on a battlefield, fighting Ravan. Open to physically fit actors between the ages of 20-40.

NICOLETTE is 17, thin, very pale, black hair, very ethereal. Envision almost female edward scissorhands, almost goth, almost witch-like. She is, perhaps, the strongest of all the characters, and devoid of emotion. She needs to be comfortable wearing a leotard for a scene where she is depicted as nude. Filmed kneeling in the woods, looking on. The shot will be of her back, silhouette.

ADORNO is a 25-35 male, character is small, effeminate, dramatic, very fair, perfect white hair, perfect fingernails. He is eccentric, cruel, and prone to hysteria. Think of the bad guy (Tim Roth) on Rob Roy. Adorno is a villain of the worse kind, a psychopath. His personality is one of obsession, cruelty, and excess.

DUVAL: Described as having pinpoint, narrow predator eyes, thinning red hair, crooked teeth, a large jaw. He is in his 30's, and is not particularly tall (5'9”) but has a very tall presence. He is inspired by power and money, and is shrewd in calculating battle and making it profitable.


Talent must be available for the booking between November, 7th and November 16th to shoot in Spokane. Out of town actors will be compensated for food and lodging. *All parts are paid and based on the character.

Do not include anything else in this email. No messages, no notes, biographies, cover letters etc.

You must be a client of Seattle Talent or Seattle Artists Agency. Do not forward this email to people who are not represented by us, as this will result in being canceled from Seattle Talent.

This is all the information that we have at this time.