Friday, November 15, 2013

Congratulations To The Following Clients!

Amazing job Seattle Talent/ Seattle Artists Agency Actors and Models! Fran Blaine had an amazing scouting trip, here are the Clients she was most interested in:

Brittany Clemans
Ashley Cordero
A.K. Dhaliwal
Joosje Dullaert
Rachelle Jewett
Hayden James
Jack LeBleu
Arrington Miller
Anjali Schatzer
Naima Scharl
Anday Tural
Chyler White

Though she could not give them a call back, she also wanted to recognize the following Clients for outstanding auditions:

Amelia Boman
Braxton Butterfield
Gabriel Byrne
Addison Daniels
Gabrial Delgado
Veronica Haite
Harlin Kaur
Josephine Kim
Maria Pledger
Katie Norfleet
Tray Roberts
Tyler Saum
Taylor Sevenants
Ian Silverman
Lucy Sumner
Jada Yamashita

Amazing work everyone!