Thursday, June 5, 2014

Model Casting Alert!

Attention Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency:

A film maker is looking for several actors for a feature film!
  Coming of age story about a teenager ( Cameron ) who finds out who he is in the last place he would find ‘ who he is ‘.  Set in an upper eastside residence, we find his family well off and him attending private school.  The best athlete in school, a superb soccer player and unfortunately a little bit of a know it all. Through some unbeknownst events he travels on a so called mission trip to ‘ assist ‘ the world and the world ends up assisting him. 

Cameron- (White 14 - 18) 5’7 + Athletic, smart, funny and the main character of the film. He is witty and thinks he knows everything. He has a goal in mind for his life and will do anything to achieve it. The main things in his life include soccer, girls, and friends.
Haki – ( Black / African accent  35 – 45 ) Strong willed , Leader , Doctor
Neema-  (Black 14 – 18 )  African accent. Neema is smart, steadfast, and a quick learner. She uses the knowledge from her childhood to help the people of an orphanage. She wants to become a nurse/doctor and respects Dr. Haki more than anyone.
Kayla- (White, 35-45) She is Cameron’s mom and is smart, caring, and forward thinking. She wants the best for her family and tries her hardest to create a loving home environment.
Daniel – ( White, 35-45 ) Husband and father . Unassuming , nonathletic
Catrina- (White, 13-16) Cameron’s sister who is very supportive of her brother but is not gifted in sports. She prefers chess and speech and debate.
Asher- (14-17, White) One of Cameron’s right hand men. He is the only one who is able to outsmart Cameron and is by far the funniest person in the movie. He likes to plan out his moves before committing to an act. He is a gifted captain on soccer team because of his ability to see two steps ahead.
Stephen- (16-18, White) The other part of the trio of friends (Cameron, Asher, Stephen) who is the muscle of the group. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up with toughness.
Coach- (35-45) The coach of Cameron’s soccer team who will always stand up for his players. He wants his team to play together and become better people in the process.
Edward- (45-50, White, English accent) Smart, Cunning, and manipulative. He is very money oriented and does not care about other people.
Jomo- (30-45) Edward’s rights hand man and is an expert tracker. At first he comes off as a bad guy but through a series of events we realize he has a softer side and he wants to do what is right. He is the main antagonist for most of the time that Cameron is in Africa.
Ms. Cook- (35-50) Cameron’s boring science teacher. She wants to look good in front of the parents of the kids.
-This is a paid position
-You should be available on the following shoot dates:
  • Seattle, Wa   July- 16 thru July 29
  • Arusha, Tanzania  ( Africa )  Aug 4 thru 22
-Passports are required for roles shooting in Africa - if you do not have one, now is the time to get one!!
-Booking dates and travel will be decided on by the client, once casting has been completed.

-You will be contacted directly by the client.
-You will be scheduled for a specific time and date to audition in person.
Seattle Talent has no further information at this time.