Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Seattle Talent's Miles Bishop!

Since we are on a roll with IMTA Convention posts, here is yet another kid, Mr. Miles Bishop, that just absolutely charmed the Agents, Casting Directors, Managers, Judges, fellow contestants, just about everyone he ran into. He ran up on stage (in front of 3000 people) so many times for his awards, and he was so animated and funny each time. Miles won Child Actor of the Year, finished second in Child Model of the Year, won the Screen Test competition as well as the Toys R Us competition (where he pulled his beautiful sister on stage and said a quick monologue about why she was his favorite thing to play with!), 3rd Place in Commercial Print, and also won awards in Theatrical Headshots, TV Beauty, and TV Scene. His photo's are fantastic, they really show the quirky and fun character that he really is. Miles has excellent Managers and Agencies wanting to sign him, so big things in the future for the tremendous little guy. Congrats Miles!

Seattle Talent's Eden Barrington!

Some performers really know how to step up to the plate when the pressure is on, and Ms. Eden Barrington was the perfect example. She went to IMTA NY and was absolutely amazing. Not only nailing her song in front of 3,000 people at the Awards ceremony, but she won Singer of the Year, Most Sought After Female Talent of they year, 3rd RU Female Actor of the Year, and won the TV Real People competition, as well as placing in Improv, Monologue, and Cold Read. She was a blast to have on the trip, making friends with the whole team, and entertaining the Hair and Makeup Room with her singing and sense of humor. An energetic, entertaining, and engaging Actor, she also has the most amazing stage presence and a vocal range that is unreal. She has interest from numerous Talent Agents, and I am sure she will be in NY performing before we know it. Congrats on such a spectacular convention Eden, your friends and family at Seattle Talent are so proud of you.

Seattle Talent's Olivia Knapp!

Look at how beautiful the Knapp girls are! I just posted Alena's photo's with Zulily yesterday, and here are Olivia's! What a photogenic, energetic kid! Congrats Olivia!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seattle Talent's Braden Bindenagel!

IMTA Shout Out! This is my friend Braden Bindenagel, and he was just so absolutely spectacular last week in NY. He is from our Idaho Falls team, and he really could not have made a bigger impression in the Big Apple. He was 4th runner up in Most Sought After Male Talent, 4th Place Child Model, First Runner Up in the TV Beauty Read, and top ten in Jeans Runway and Beachwear Runway. MOST importantly, he had over a dozen callbacks from Agents, Casting Directors, and Managers. Braden has an amazing energy level, is so animated, and his monologue made me laugh out loud every time. Congrats Braden, can't wait to see who you sign with, we are very proud of you buddy!

Seattle Talent's Alena Knapp!

More success with Zulily! Look at how stellar little Ms. Alena Knapp looks in her shoot! Way to go Alena!

Congrats to the following Clients!!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who have received a callback from Jamie Malone of MC Talent.

Garrett Young
Haley West
Zach Tataryn
Taliyah Fitzgerald
Azia Caver
Jason McGuiness

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who have received an honorable mention from Jamie Malone of MC Talent, while she doesn't need your casting type right now, she wanted to acknowledge your excellent audition.

Melody Marquez
Alexia Jores
Derick Armstrong
Marlo Olsen
Maddoz Weddle
Paula Montiel
Chirag Mahant
Briana Romero
Layni Schmutzler
Sophia Pinkerton
Nace Haley

Seattle Talent's Danielle Hopper!

Check out Danielle Hopper, here she is modeling for GiGiPop, she was also in a runway show for Monir, and will be featured in an upcoming Macy's event. way to go Danielle!

Seattle Talent's Darin Wilkens!

A really humongous congratulations to Mr. Darin Blain Wilkens, from our Yakima team. He went to Convention in NYC, and just OWNED the place. Darin won Junior Male Model of the Year, Most Sought After Male Model, Most Sought After Male Talent, in addition to Runway, Fashion Print, Commercial Print, and virtually every competition he entered. Most importantly, Darin had callbacks and interest from SIXTY-SIX different Agencies from around the world. Really an amazing performance from this sweet, polite, classy, and friendly young fellow. There will be a ton of follow up posts with this guy, but all of your friends and fans here at Seattle Talent are so proud of you Darin.

Seattle Talent's Zelby Gloria!

Check out our suuuuuper cute Zelby Gloria in her ad for Zulily!

Seattle Talent's Mia Jackson!

Congrats to the utterly adorable Mia Jackson, she just shot with Zulily! Awesome work, way to go Mia!!

IMTA NY 2014!

LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THESE PERFORMERS ARE! They were such a classy, talented, disciplined, and supportive group, no wonder they won more awards, competitions, and callbacks than any group at the convention. Keep checking back, we will be posting more and more fun photos to this album!