Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seattle Talent's Braden Bindenagel!

IMTA Shout Out! This is my friend Braden Bindenagel, and he was just so absolutely spectacular last week in NY. He is from our Idaho Falls team, and he really could not have made a bigger impression in the Big Apple. He was 4th runner up in Most Sought After Male Talent, 4th Place Child Model, First Runner Up in the TV Beauty Read, and top ten in Jeans Runway and Beachwear Runway. MOST importantly, he had over a dozen callbacks from Agents, Casting Directors, and Managers. Braden has an amazing energy level, is so animated, and his monologue made me laugh out loud every time. Congrats Braden, can't wait to see who you sign with, we are very proud of you buddy!