Thursday, July 31, 2014

Seattle Talent's Eden Barrington!

Some performers really know how to step up to the plate when the pressure is on, and Ms. Eden Barrington was the perfect example. She went to IMTA NY and was absolutely amazing. Not only nailing her song in front of 3,000 people at the Awards ceremony, but she won Singer of the Year, Most Sought After Female Talent of they year, 3rd RU Female Actor of the Year, and won the TV Real People competition, as well as placing in Improv, Monologue, and Cold Read. She was a blast to have on the trip, making friends with the whole team, and entertaining the Hair and Makeup Room with her singing and sense of humor. An energetic, entertaining, and engaging Actor, she also has the most amazing stage presence and a vocal range that is unreal. She has interest from numerous Talent Agents, and I am sure she will be in NY performing before we know it. Congrats on such a spectacular convention Eden, your friends and family at Seattle Talent are so proud of you.