Thursday, July 24, 2014

Seattle Talent's Rene!

Look at how sweet our families are, this is one of our favorite Mom's, Lori, whose amazing twins have been Clients for a year. Her son Rene is having some great opportunities right now, we just worked on a screen test with him, and she was sweet enough to send this note. Good luck on our Audition Rene!

"Hi Michael,

Have a good trip to NYC!! I wanted to let you know that Fredrick at
Management 101 thought Rene's audition tape was great! He sent it to casting yesterday  It is for a comedy series called "Bunked".

I wanted to let you know that we are, once again, amazed at the great professional support Seattle Talent has been. It has been over a year since we met you and Rene' and Avea auditioned with you.

When I asked Brian to help us with taping they audition, he asked Andy to come in before her class Thursday evening to coach Rene'. Of course, Rene' was even more excited, as he knows Andy from teaching his workshops. As I waited in the room next to where they were practicing for the audition, I could hear them talking and laughing and how she complimented him etc. She is such a great coach and mentor! I want you to know how much I appreciate all the positive experiences we have had with everyone at Seattle Talent.

We will schedule a time to visit you when you return from NYC.

Have a great week!


Here is a photo of the handsome and funny Rene