Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paid Photo Shoot Casting!

Attention Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency:

A National production company is searching for models and actors who look like musicians!

Drummer: Male, Age: 30-40ish – Caucasian.
Has a bit of a weathered face from spending too many nights in dark jazz clubs, but still a youthful spirit. Looks good in a 5 o'clock shadow and a few tats he's picked up from his travels around the country.

Upright Bass Player: Female, Age: 30-35ish – Tall, with dark features.
Able to stand behind a large upright bass and command it. She has a brand of beauty that's a little scary to most guys because she's cooler than you.

Sax Player: Male, Age: 30-40ish – Longer hair and a little scruffy, but has some boyish charm .
Probably the prodigy son of a great Jazz master trying to make it on his own terms. And to top it off, has great cheeks and big lungs.

-This is a well paid position
-Please only attend the casting if you meet these requirements
-You MUST be available for the booking on 8/26/14!


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