Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our girls have done an amazing job on their recent photoshoots! Check it out!

Over the past month, I have been posting a lot of photoshoots featuring some of our girls, and us here at Seattle Talent are in awe of what we have seen, and all of the high praise we have heard from the people on set! We just want to share those with everyone.

- Keighly Vogel (& Little Sister Miley) - They are both so sweet!! I love this Family!
- The Davis sisters Madison & Mackenzie - These girls are both so adorable, friendly and kind!
- Melody Marquez, so kind and sweet, overall just an awesome gal! (shot with her this last summer for Youngtsrs Magazine)
- Abigail Johnson is Amazing.
- Amelie Bullen is so much fun and she just loves to laugh.
- Alea Pindat is amazing! she was ready to shoot bright and early and all though she was cold, she was a trooper through the shoot.
- Bianca Ellingford was ready to shoot with such a great attitude it was wonderful to work with both her and her mom.
- Angelina Mee She was such a darling, and did an amazing job at our shoot!
-Tina Bogner is all smiles and was such a doll through the whole shoot.
- Sabrah Mitchell this girl is always a ball of energy and so much fun to be around!
- Kayla Cortes She is always up for a shoot, or just willing to hang out and help. She is so much fun, always getting people to laugh and helping new models with posing and model tips.
- Audrey Anne McNinch is just an absolute pleasure to have on shoot
- Kristy Alcaraz She is always ready to go out there and have fun
- Lisbeth Hawes is a darling and always strives for the best

Girls! We could not be more proud of you, all of the photos look amazing and so much fun. We all can not wait to see what your next projects will be! congratulations girls, from your friends and fans here at Seattle Talent!

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