Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Super siblings Ms. Samiah and Mr. Keenan Kuntz have signed!

This pair of super siblings Ms. Samiah and Mr. Keenan Kuntz, have signed with TCM Management! They both did such a great job at IMTA LA 17! Ms. Samiah placed top 7 in 10 of her competitions, all while placing top 7 for both Female Teen Actor of the Year and Female Teen Model of the Year! Mr. Keenan placed top 7 in 7 of his competitions as he also placed top 7 in Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year and Male Pre-Teen Model of the year! you guys absolutely killed it at IMTA, it was just a matter of time before you signed! Ms. Samiah and Mr. Keenan, your friends and fans here at Seattle Talent are so happy for you guys. Have lots of fun and keep up the fantastic work!

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