Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kate Tomlinson Due to Appear in "The Thundermans"!

This show looks awesome! Seattle Talent wants to congratulate Ms. Kate Tomlinson, from our wonderful team in Idaho Falls, for booking an episode on the Nickelodeon original series “The Thundermans”! Kate will appear the episode “Rhythm and Shoes” where the Thundermans try to take part in a talent show alongside a famous pop star, but things get really crazy! In addition to this recent booking Kate has appeared on hit T.V. shows such as ABC’s "Speechless," Disney Channel’s “Stuck in the Middle,” and Nickelodeon’s upcoming show “Pupsicles.” Kate has also been featured in several short films, she is one busy actor! “Rhythm and Shoes” will air February 17th on Nickelodeon, so be sure to watch it! Congratulations Kate, keep up the fantastic work!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jack Taylor Wins Best Male Commercial Model of the Year at IMTA LA18!

This is spectacular! Seattle Talent wants to congratulate our very own Mr. Jack Taylor on his huge success at IMTA LA18! Jack proved to be an unstoppable force at this years IMTA. By the end of the competition Jack won awards for Best Male Commercial Model of the Year, Best On-Camera Host, Runway, Swimwear/Beachwear, TV Beauty, and Best Commercial Print! On top of all this success Jack also came in second for Most Sought Male Model, Best Fashion Print, Jeans, and fifth place for Most Sought Male Talent. Alongside these accomplishments he also won recognition awards for Male Actor of the Year, TV Real People, Best Screen Test, Best Monologue, Best Cold Read, and Best Theatrical Headshots! Jack received several callbacks from the best agencies in the country! We are so proud of you Jack, all of your family, friends, and fans at Seattle Talent cannot wait to see what comes next! Congratulations!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Brilliant Talent Management Callback List!

We are still buzzing with news from IMTA LA18, however some of our clients got callbacks a little closer to home. Seattle Talent wants to congratulate Mr. Mattia Ajayi, Jack Sullivan, Jules Florian, Gavin Honeycutt, Ms. Amya Irvin, and Khoe Tyner for all receiving callbacks from Jennifer Herbert from Brilliant Talent. This full scale agency that has represented actors that have appeared in hit movies like “The Americans,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Office Space,” and “Pitch Perfect 2”! We are proud of all clients that auditioned, you will have many more opportunities to present your talent!

Ayla Neal Awarded Best Child Singer at IMTA LA18!

Happy Friday Everyone! Seattle Talent’s wants to congratulate the adorable Ms. Ayla Neal on her fantastic performance at this years IMTA LA18! Alya wowed the judges with her wonderful voice, and walked away with a win for Best Child Singer! She also took third place for Most Sought Female Talent, and received a recognition award for Child Actor of the Year! By the end of the competition Ayla also picked up recognition awards for Best Commercial Print, Kids’ Spot, and Best Monologue! Alya is such a fantastic young talent, and everyone at Seattle Talent is in complete awe! She is such a joy to be around, and the several agencies that gave her callbacks will be lucky to have her! Congratulations Alya, all of your family, friends, and fans at Seattle Talent are so proud of you! We cannot wait to see what you do next!
Make sure to watch Ms. Alya Neal's winning performance below!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Kenny Yang Excels at IMTA LA18!

Our clients impress us more, and more everyday! It’s time to recognize Seattle Talent’s very own Mr. Kenny Yang, who was an absolute joy to work with at IMTA LA18! Mr. Yang not only received recognition awards for Best On-Camera Host, Best Screen Test, and TV Beauty, but he also received several callbacks from many wonderful talent agencies around the United States! Kenny is a multi- talented performer with experience in acting, voice acting, and modeling! He has been in commercials for Adidas, and Microsoft; has been featured in movies such as Cold Walls, An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody, Renegades, and has even walked for Sara Oh at the Korean Day Fashion Show! Kenny not only competed at IMTA, but he also helped Seattle Talent take photos and video of all our other clients. You can thank Kenny for many of the great photos, and videos that we have been able to share with you! Congratulations Kenny, everyone at Seattle Talent is so proud of you! You are such a hard worker, and you deserve all of the success that you’ve had at IMTA! We cannot wait to see what you do next!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Seattle Talent's Daniela Veillette Picks Up Several Awards at IMTA LA18!

With all this rain I bet many of you are missing L.A. right about now! Seattle Talent continues its week of excellent news with the lovely Ms. Daniela Veillette! Daniela's grace and talent impressed the IMTA judges, and she walked away with two wins for Best Screen Test, and Best Theatrical Headshots! Ms.Veillette continued her winning streak by capturing 4th place for Female Actor of the Year, and several honorable mentions for Best Cold Read, Best Commercial Print, Best Improvisation, Best On-Camera Host, and Best TV Real People! Everyone at Seattle Talent is so proud of you! We are so impressed by your hard work, and dedication to acting! All of your hard work has paid off, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for your bright future! Congratulations Daniela!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Terrence Little Gardenhigh Wins the Prestigious Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year Award at IMTA LA18!

Look out world there is a new star in town! Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Terrence Little Gardenhigh preformed fabulously at this years IMTA LA18 competition! This young, and electric talent walked away with the prestigious Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year Award! In addition he also won the awards for Best Cold Read, Best Monologue, T.V. Real People! Terrence's talent also landed him 3rd place in the T.V. Beauty, and Kids Spot competitions, and 4th place for Most Sought Male Talent! To wrap everything up he also received two Honorable Mention awards for Best Screen Test, and Best Theatrical Headshots! Way to go Terrance, we are unbelievably proud of all of your success! We are beyond excited to see what you achieve next! You have a bright future Terrence, congratulations!!

The Seattle Talent Team's Last Days at IMTA LA18!

Hey Everyone, check out these wonderful photos of our IMTA LA18 Team during the last few days of the competition. Los Angeles is such a huge and exciting city, which some of our clients took advantage of and explored. For clients who didn't feel like wandering the city there was plenty to do with friends at the hotel including an awesome celebration concert! All of our wonderful clients have worked so hard, so they all deserve to relax and have some fun. Great work team! Seattle Talent is so proud of each and everyone of you! We hope that everyone that participated had a great time, and have plenty of great memories to cherish! Congratulations!

To see the whole album and more photos from this years IMTA please take a look at our page @SeattleTalentPresentsIMTA on Facebook

Monday, January 22, 2018

Laura Gross Wins Most Sought Female Model at IMTA LA18!

Wow Laura, this is such great news! Ms. Laura Gross from our team out in Salem, Oregon dominated the competition at this years IMTA LA18! At the end of the day Laura won the award for Most Sought Female Model, Best Commercial Print, Best Fashion Print, and Best Runway. Laura didn't stop there! She was first runner up for the prestigious Female Model of the Year, first runner up for Best Makeup, 2nd runner up for Best Jeans Runway, and 2nd runner up for Best Beachwear/Swimwear Runway! We are blown away by your performance, and we couldn't be happier for your success! Congratulations from your friend, family, and fans at Seattle Talent!
To see the original post and more photos from this years and past IMTAs please take a look at our page @SeattleTalentPresentsIMTA on Facebook

Seattle Talent IMTA LA18 Award Banquet!

Here is to another week of hard work and success! This year's Seattle Talent IMTA LA18 team was one word: fantastic. Our team racked up over 1200 callbacks and 480 awards and honorable mentions, which made them one of our most successful teams! Due to this fantastic news there was a lot to celebrate at Seattle Talent's Award Banquet. All of our clients dressed in their best formalwear and walked the red carpet in celebration of all there hard work and success! We are so proud of each and everyone of our clients, they should all be so proud of what they have accomplished at this years IMTA competition. Each of these hard working talents have a bright future, and Seattle Talent can hardly wait to see what all of clients do in the future!
To see the whole album and more photos from this years  IMTAs please take a look at our page @SeattleTalentPresentsIMTA on Facebook 

Ashley Thompson Wins Several Prestigious Awards at IMTA LA18!

Seattle Talent is so lucky to have wonderful clients! Our very own Ashley Thompson shined at this years IMTA LA18 competition! She won huge awards such as Female Commercial Model of the Year, Fashion Print, Commercial Print, Jeans, Makeup, Swimwear/Beachwear, and Theatrical Headshots! Ashley didn't stop there! She also was also 1st Runner Up for Most Sought After Female Model, and 2nd Runner Up for best Runway! She also received three honorable mentions for On-Camera Host, Screen Test, and TV-Real People! In total Ms. Ashley Thompson received 63 call backs from tons of agencies! Great work Ashley, we are so proud, and cannot wait to hear more about you wonderfully bright future! Congratulations!

To see the original post and photos from past IMTAs please take a look at our page @SeattleTalentPresentsIMTA on Facebook

Ryan Buirley Shines Bright at IMTA LA18!

IMTA LA18 was a smash hit! Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Ryan Buirley made us so proud! Ryan is from our fantastic Salt Lake City team and dominated the competition! He was 3rd runner up for Most Sought After Model of the Year, 2nd runner up for the Runway Competition! Lets not include the list of honorable mentions he received for the Cold Read, Commercial Print, Fashion Print, Jeans, Male Junior Model of the Year, Monologue, Swimwear/Beachwear, and TV Beauty! We are so proud of you Ryan, your well rounded talent, and hard work will give you such a bright future! Congratulations!

To see the original post and more photos from this years and past IMTAs please take a look at our page @SeattleTalentPresentsIMTA on Facebook

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Angeli Zaldivar Featured in "Happy Hunting"!

IMTA is entering its second day, but there is plenty of other good news to share! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Angeli Zaldivar has booked a supporting role in the new horror film "Happy Hunting."This action packed horror film is now available on Amazon! Great work Angeli, we are so proud of you! Everyone at Seattle Talent cannot wait to see what you do next! Check the film out here:…/…/B0757Z6Y76

IMTA LA 18 is Here!

The countdown is finally over! IMTA LA 18 starts today! Seattle Talent's Facebook page is going to be busy giving you all the updates you could want! Make sure to check back here to see updates and photos of this years competition!! We want to wish all of our clients good luck! If you are one of our clients competing, make sure to post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SeattleTalent and #IMTALA18

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Seattle Talent's very own HiHo Kids Star in What's in the Box?: Under the Sea

Seattle is getting too cold for comfort! Maybe it's time we take a vacation somewhere tropical! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Lylly Ross, Helena Stewart, Crystal Martin, and Mr. Ethan Stewart star in another great HiHo Kids video. This time our young stars play "What's in the Box?: Under The Sea Edition, and get to pet all of cool critters and plants you might see in the ocean! All of these kids had a ton of fun! Great work everyone!

Elina Lazo's Editorial Spread in Seattle Met Magazine!

Hope everyone is staying warm! Seattle Talent wants to congratulate Ms. Elina Lazo who book not only the cover of Seattle Met Magazine, but also an editorial inside! This cozy photo shoot is inspiring us all to bundle up with some hot chocolate and relax right by a warm fire. Great work!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bridget Donnelly Stars in Twilight Zone: Live!

Happy New Year Everyone! Seattle Talent wants to share some cool news about our very own Ms. Bridget Donnelly! Bridget recently starred in Twilight Zone: Live ! at Theatre Schmeater in Belltown! She was the only kid in the whole production, and starred in 3 of the 4 episodes reenacted! Great work Bridget, keep up the great work!