Friday, September 28, 2018

Angelina Olson Books Another Major Video Shoot!

Hey Everybody! Seattle Talent's lovely Ms. Angelina Olson booked another awesome commercial video! Our gal has been featured in other commercials with major companies like Microsoft. Official commercial video coming soon. Congratulations Angelina from your friends, fans and family at Seattle Talent!

Mackenzie's Lastest Feature on HiHo!

All this food looks amazing! Try to Guess the mystery meat Ms. Mackenzie Lezcano tries in this HiHo kids video! This girl is full of life and is obviously super adorable. Great job Mackenzie!


Madalayne Turning Heads On The Runway!

Our gorgeous Ms. Madalayne Smith has the most infectious smile on the planet! Although, that modelesque look does suit her quite well. Madalayne modeled for the 4th Annual Rainforest Runway and Gala Show! Congratulations from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!

Big Surprise For Seattle Talent’s HiHo Stars!

SURPRISE! Mr. Miko Lingat, Mr. Justin Harris, and Ms. GG Harris were brought into the HiHo studio for a mystery video shoot and this is what happened. There is no better way to end a hot long summer, than with tons of ice cream! You kids have been working so hard all summer. You deserve it!


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Lindbloms Booked Microsoft Video Shoot!

We couldn't wait to tell you who booked the latest Microsoft video shoot! Our Clients Shawn Lindblom and Michael Lindblom were stoked when casting calls were sent out for identical twins. Be on the lookout for these handsome gentlemen! Congratulations to you both from your Friends, Fans, and Family at Seattle Talent!

Seattle Talent Clients in Viral Guess MY Income Video!

Do you want to play a guessing game? Play along with Seattle Talent's Ms. Aliyah Lawson, Ms. Weylene Brown, Mr. Ryan Tsing, and Ms. Katalina Biondi, on's Guess my Income! This is the hit the charts as the #17 trending video on youtube the day it was released! We can't wait to see you all in more awesome viral videos! Great job everybody!


Friday, September 21, 2018

Jazmine and Michael's Seattle Met Cover Feature!

Your Seattle Talent favorites made the cover of Seattle Met magazine! We're so excited we finally get to share Ms. Jazmine Davis and Mr. Michael Scott Dixon's cover feature. The talented duo compliment each other so well in this shoot! You both look amazing. Find more photos of our stunning Clients in the October 2018 issue of Seattle Met.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mackenzie Interviews Opera Singer Angel Blue!

Guess who interviewed the world renowned Opera singer Angel Blue? The sassy pigtailed blonde Ms. Mackenzie Lozcano did a wonderful job with this interview! Our gal has been keeping herself busy with our friends at HiHo all summer long! See what other HiHo videos you can spot her in.


VICIS Commercial Starring Seattle Talent Clients Released!

THIS JUST IN! A HUGE national football commercial for VICIS starring Seattle Talents Clients was aired this week and we didn't want you to miss it! The very talented Mr. Jayden Walbuck, Ms. Mireya Cosner, Mr. Christian Phillips, and Mr. Bryan Sheedy jumped on set only 2 months ago for this amazing project. Congratulations from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent. We are beyond proud of you!

Check out the link here!

Craig Packards Independent Film Feature!

Big Announcement! Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Craig Packard just booked a role in an independent film! Congratulations to this fine gentleman! Stay tuned for more information on this awesome project! Yours fans, family, and friends at Seattle Talent are beyond excited for you!

Celine, Miko, and Nyssa Interview An Acupuncturist!

Our Clients get to do the coolest things on HiHo Kids! In this episode of Kids Meet, Ms. Celine Dela Montanye, Mr. Miko Lingat, and Ms. Nyssa Balagopalan meet and acupuncturist. Click on the video to see their reactions to the different stimulations! Keep up the awesome work everybody!



RIca and Kylie Join Cirque Du Soleil Volta Promo!

Shoutout to our beautiful Clients who booked a promotional modeling job for Cirque Du Soleil Volta! Ms. Rical Naval, and Ms. Kylie Thornton joined the Cirque team days after their arrival in Seattle for their grand opening promotional event. Congratulations ladies!

Ms. Rica Naval

Ms. Kylie Thornton

Try Sugar Town Pies with Miko and Kristin!

Watching this makes me crave a piece of "Erdbeerkuchen mit Sahne"! Don't you wish you were in Mr. Miko Lingat or Ms. Kristin Martin's shoes?! Miko and Kristen are featured in tons of HiHo Kids Try videos and always manage to have a blast! Check out these amazing pies from Sugar Town Seattle their latest feature linked below!


Seattle Talent Ladies Summer Feature on RAD Swim!

Hey Everybody! Check out our Clients in these adorable swimsuits by RAD swim. Ms. Hannah R., Ms. Nia Newton, Ms. Lucianna Colindres, and Ms. Rhiannon Meyer had a ton of fun modeling for Youngstrs magazine's summer issue, shot by photographer Valerie Torstenson of Valluv Creations. Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent are so proud of you ladies!

Seattle Talent Highlights Annie Carpenter's IMTA NY'18 Success!

Call backs have been flooding in for our Client Ms. Annie Carpenter and here's why! Annie is an admirable young talent and she stun the many Agents and Managers with her remarkable performance at IMTA NY'18 ! She was crowned the overall WINNER for the Theatrical Head Shots and TV Beauty competition. She also received recognition awards for Female Junior Actor of the Year, On-Camera Host, and Screen Test! We know there's a lot in store for this actor in the making! Congratulations from your family, friends, and fans at Seattle Talent.

Seattle Talent Highlight's Carson Duda's IMTA NY'18!

Take a look at this Client of ours, Mr. Carson Duda! He proved the Agents and Managers at IMTA that he's both handsome and amazingly talent, collecting over 20+ call backs since the convention. Carson was the overall WINNER of Fashion Print and Runway, placed 1st Runner Up for Male Commercial Model of the Year, 1st Runner Up for Swimwear/Beachwear, and received recognition for Commercial Print, Jeans Runway, TV Beauty, and Voice Over. Congratulations from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!

Mieraye and Micah's Emotional Kids Meet Feature!

Seattle Talent's Ms. Mieraye Redmond and Mr. Micah Classen did an amazing job interviewing Preston and we didn't want you to miss it. Both Clients have been booked by HiHo Kids and more than a dozen times. You can even tell Micah has grown quite a bit since his younger HiHo years! Check out the emotional yet inspirational video linked below.


Seattle Talent Highlights Stephen Chadwick's IMTA NY'18 Success!

Mr. Stephen Chadwick did a terrific job at IMTA NY'18, proven by dozens of call backs that he has received since the convention. He was awarded 1st Runner Up for Fashion Print and On-Camera Host, 2nd Runner Up for Male Commercial Model of the Year, and received recognition for Runway, Singing, Swimwear/Beachwear, Theatrical Head Shots, TV Real People, and Voice Over. Stephen has exceptional talent and charm and we can't wait for all the great things yet to come! Congratulations from your friends, family, and fans at Seattle Talent!

Jelina and Willow Meet Cherri the Vet on HiHo!

Guess who Our Clients met recently? Ms. Jelina Delossantos and Ms. Willow Durst met Cherri, a local veterinarian in an video brought to you by HiHo kids! You ladies always do a fabulous job with these interviews, and we can't wait to see more! Check out the video linked below!


Seattle Talent Highlights Malik Cantu's IMTA Ny'18 Success!

Great News! We have more success stories to share with you from IMTA'NY 18! The very charismatic Mr. Malik Cantu had a notable performance at this year's convention. He completed IMTA winning 1st Runner Up for his Theatrical Head Shots, and Screen Test, 2nd Runner Up for Male Junior Actor of the Year, followed by recognition awards in competitions including Cold Read, Improvisation, Monologue, On-Camera Host, and Voice Over! Congratulations Malik, from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!

Cameron Proff's Latest Zulily Back to School Faves!

Our Client Mr. Cameron Proff has to be the most excited kid going back to school this fall! What a fun character he is! He recently shot with Zulily, and we are loving all of his photos. Amazing job Cameron!

Seattle Talent Highlights Eliza Cannell's IMTA NY'18 Success!

Since IMTA'NY 18, call backs for our Clients have been flooding in and we are more than pleased! One of the top performers at the convention was the gorgeous Ms. Eliza Cannell! Eliza was the overall WINNER of Commercial Print, Fashion Print, Female Lifestyle Model, and Runway! In addition, she was crowned 1st Runner Up for Jeans Runway and received recognition for the Dance competition. This lady is beyond talent and beauty! Congratulations Eliza! We can't wait to see whats next.

Seattle Talent Highlights Levi Levias IMTA Ny'18 Success!

Congratulations to the lovely Ms. Levi Levias for her success at IMTA’NY 18! She was crowned the overall WINNER of division for TV Beauty, 2nd Runner Up for Commercial Print, and received recognition awards for On-Camera Host, TV Real People, and Runway. Since the convention she’s booked jobs for the Sea Fair and is actively collecting numerous call backs from Agents and Managers from all over the country! Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent are so proud of you!

Seattle Talent Models Squitini Bikini for Youngstrs!

Check out our gorgeous Clients modeling for the summer issue of Youngstrs magazine! Ms. Brooklynn Williams, Ms. Jayda Brown, Mr. Carter Raphoon, Ms. Gwen Madill are highlighted in Squirtini Bikini’s editorial spread! Don’t you wish summer would never end? Congratulations everybody!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Harper's Latest Zulily Spot!

Special Update! After returning from IMTA NY'18, our Clients are receiving tons of call backs but it doesn’t stop there! Ms. Harper jumped right on set for a Zulily photo shoot for more amazing photos to add to her portfolio. Keep up the great work Harper!


Sarah White Modeling For American Princess!

Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Sarah White is looking flawless in her most recent photo shoot with our friends from Zulily! These photos were also published in the American Princess catalog! How awesome is that?

Seattle Talent Model Dragons and Dasies for Valluv Creations Shoot!

Seattle Talent booked a HUGE cast for the most recent Dragons and Daisies photo shoot held here in Washington! Our Clients Mr. Farron Barrier-Flynn, Ms. Celine Dela Montanye, Ms. Crystal Anne & Ms. Kristen Martin, Ms. Nia Newton, Ms. Olivia Allen, Ms. Kasia Larsen, Ms. Charlotte Harper, Steven, Ms. Carolina Kovacevic, Ms. Bisi Aje, and Mr. Aiden Hendricks all made this a fun filled experience. Check out these adorable shots done by Valluv Creations (pc: Valerie Torstenson).  Keep up the great work Everybody! Whats your favorite "Back To School" look?

Jessie, Crystal, and Willow's Are Regulars on HiHo Kids and!

Our lovely ladies are featured in another awesome video that is yet to be released! Be on the lookout for Ms. Jessie Dawson, Ms. Crystal Martin, and Ms. Willow Durst. All have been booked for more than one HiHo and video. We're so stoked for our ladies and can't wait to share the video with you all!

Ms. Jessie Dawson

Ms. Crystal Martin

Ms. Willow Durst