Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Jaedyn booked New York Fashion Week!

Update on the lovely Ms. Jaedyn Dhaenens! This talented young Actor/Model from our Spokane Team has been up to all sorts of fun stuff, including walking in New York Fashion Week! She also has been in LA, working on her craft, and shot a pilot, and was the principal in a commercial! So much progress for her, here are some shots from Fashion Week, and some beautiful images from her latest fashion shoot. We are so proud of you Jaedyn, can't wait to see what happens next!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Check out the talented young Mr. Walken in tonights premiere of "The Kids Are Alright" on ABC! We are so proud of Andy, this wonderful young Actor started with Seattle Talent in 2015, and has been accomplishing so much.  We have him signed with Bonnie Ventis of Clear Talent Group LA, and he has quite a resume already at a young age.  He made his network debut on NCIS, and then appeared on Heartbeat, then a spectacular turn as Ralphie in the FOX holiday presentation of "A Christmas Story Live!" alongside Maya Rudolph.  Tonight is the highly anticipated premiere of The Kids Are Alright, from the creator of Last Man Standing, and being broadcast on ABC.  Make sure to watch, Andy is such a great kid, and from a wonderful family. Congrats Andy, from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!

Seattle Talent Agency Placement!

HUGE congratulations to Mr. Sohum Sonu! This talented young Actor has been working so hard, and he has officially signed with Management 101 LA and Mavrick Artists LA, and has already auditioned for ABC and Netflix. Since Sohum started with us, he has been really engaged with his Acting Coaches, and he had a terrific turn at IMTA NY 2017, where he made of a dozen callback lists. he came back to Seattle, and continued to work hard and make sure his academics were perfect, then went down to LA this past summer and met with Mavrick and Management 101, and got signed by both, now he has a terrific team in LA helping him make the next step. Watch out for this guy, he is going to accomplish a lot. Congrats from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent Sohum!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Miko Lingat, Our HiHo Kids Star!

What’s your favorite meal of day? Check out Seattle Talent’s Mr. Miko Lingat in the latest Kids Try segment brought to you by HiHo Kids! The HiHo regular is such a character and we’re always excited to see him in these viral videos! Congratulations Miko!


Celine Booked By Amazon and Unruly Studios!

Seattle Talent's Ms. Celine Dela Montanye has gained a huge following through HiHo Kids, Zulily, guest appearances on show such as "A Little Help With Carol Burnett", and many more. The young talent was recently booked a video shoot with Amazon and Unruly Studios! Celine is definitely a star in the making! Congratulations from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!

Mackenzie Tries Soul Food For HiHo!

Experience soul food with our HiHo Kids Stars! Seattle Talents Ms. Mackenzie Lozcano featured in the thumbnail below had a ton of fun in the making of this video. Those pigtails are looking fabulous as always. Im gaining an appetite watching this! Catch Mackenzie and all our fabulous Clients on HiHo Kids!<br />
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Miko Tells Us about Buchery on HiHo!

Guess who made the thumbnail in this awesome video?! Learn more about Kristina and her butchery experience from your favorite HiHo Kids star, Mr. Miko Lingat. We love Miko and all his hilarious "one-liners" ! Keep up the great work!


Ashok Tanner's Nails Action Shots for New Balance!

Check out the handsome Mr. Ashok Tanner rocking New Balance's fall/winter line! Find these looks on and check out more of Ashok's top picks. Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent are so proud of you!

Micah Gets Personal with Kid in Recovery!

Check out Tellician's incredible story lead by Seattle Talent's very own Micah Classen! He does a spectacular job in this HiHo single! Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent can't wait to see more!!


Mackenzie Inspires HiHo Kids Try Video Idea!

Our adorable Ms. Mackenzie Lozcano inspired the most recent HiHo video. Find out where she got her crazy fun idea in the link below. Mackenzie is full of surprises. Any ideas for the next kids try? Keep up the great work Mackenzie!


Madelaine Petsch in Riverdale Season 3!

BUCKLE UP! Riverdale Season 3 airs on October 10th and we are beyond excited! Seattle Talent's Madelaine Petsch remains queen of controvercy, Cheryl Blossom. Here's a chilling teaser for all of you Cheryl "Bombshell" fans! Mark your calendars for the 10th of October to catch our favorite Riverdale Vixen!!



The Lingat and the Harris Siblings Try Trendy Coca Cola!

Have you tried clear Coca-Cola?? Check out the Lingat and Harris siblings' reaction in this blind taste test. These kids bring the fun out in everything! What trendy food/drink do you want our Clients to try next??


Jessie and Celine Interviews Bank Robber Turned Best Selling Author!

Hey Everybody! Check out Seattle Talent's Ms. Jessie Dawson and Ms. Celine Dela Montanye in this Kids Meet video. These ladies did a wonderful job! Find out more about Anthony and his Amazon Best Seller in the link below. Keep up the great work ladies!


Will Gannon Stars in McCormick Commercial!

Hey Everyone, check out our own Mr. Will Gannon in his new spot for McCormick! This guy is making it happen, walking in New York Fashion Week, shooting print, now his first major commercial. Will has so much drive, so much personality, and such a strong work ethic, we love this guy. Congrats from your Seattle Talent Fam Will!


Seattle Talent's Patti Rae in Steve Madden!

Our gorgeous gal Ms. Patti Rae Rendon is looking amazing in the new Steve Madden fall/winter collection. Find all these looks and more on For more exciting news on this fine lady check out Congratulations Patti!

Celine Models Juicy Couture for Zulily!

Check out this young starlet of ours, Ms. Celine Dela Montanye! When she not busy mastering Martial Arts, she's modeling for brands such as Zulily, and Juicy Couture. You look amazing as always, Celine!


Mackenzie Tries Deep Fried Food For HiHo!

I need to try all this deep fried goodness! Find our gal Ms. Mackenzie Lozcano in this Kids Try video and all the best HiHo Kids videos this summer. Your Seattle Talent friends, fans, and family are so proud of you!


Our Client Alaine Shares Her Life Story on HiHo Kids!

Our Seattle Talent Clients have amazing stories to tell on HiHo! Learn more about Ms. Alaine Mamararungu and her life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with her Seattle Talent friends Ms. Jessie Dawson, Ms. Mieraye Redmond, and Mr. Jules Florian. This is one of my favorite videos of all time. Wonderful job everybody!


Jules' Gets a Call Back From Nickelodeon!

Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Jules Florian received a call back from Nickelodeon! We're super excited for you! Jules has booked several HiHo videos, Zulily shoots, local short films, and also attended IMTA LA'18! Looks like he had a ton of in the LA studio! Stay tuned for more exciting news from this young star in the making!