Thursday, November 1, 2018

Terrence Little-Gardenhigh Booked By ABC!

Congratulations to the talented Mr. Terrence Little-Gardenhigh! He Just made his network debut last Friday on ABC's Speechless! We are so excited, and we can only imagine how happy Terrence and his family are feeling about this huge victory. The competitive nature of casting for a major studio is such that Terrence had to really bring his A-game to these auditions.

We are so pleased that perseverance has paid off for Terrence, landing him at ABC. This charismatic guy is a force of nature with a script in his hands, let me tell you! It will be really interesting to see how his personality will come through on set. We are so excited for Terrence. 

In addition to this amazing opportunity, he has several other bookings lined up - which we are excited to announce in the near future! Be on the lookout for this fantastic young actor. And be sure to check out his debut on Speechless.Terrence, your friends, family, and fans at Seattle Talent are so very proud of you!

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