Thursday, November 1, 2018

Seattle Talent Agent Day Callbacks are in from New Beginning Talent!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who have made the callback list for Nita Brochu from New Beginnings Entertainment
Spencer Langston
Mahyar Mohajeri
Kelly Grace Richardson
Nita wanted to mention the following clients who did an outstanding job.
Honorable mention goes to:
Jay Martin Jr.
Lylly Veler
Milana Shapiro
Destiny Allen
Ella Parks
Sam Thompson
Lorraine Karwaitha
Miko Lingat
Soham Sonu
Ashok Tanner
Cecelia Bamford
Sarah White
Kevin Fisher
David Medani
Ajay Dash

Here is a photo of Spencer, who recently went to IMTA, and had a terrific convention, and was recently hired to work in the Seattle Talent Office, make sure to say hello when you see him!