Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Andrew Etzel Of Seattle Talent Booked By Google!

Hey folks, have you seen this heartwarming new commercial that went up on YouTube? Well, our client Mr. Andrew Etzel is part of the cast! See if you can spot him!
Landing a gig with a household name like Google is no small potatoes, right Andrew? We love the commercial, and we think you will too. In the video, Andrew is the tall, athletic married guy in the bathroom scene with his on-camera wife. Mr. Etzel hails from our Salt Lake City team; nowadays, he’s in Los Angeles, working and living the dream.

Did you know that Andrew is an actor, as well as a screenwriter, and assistant director? That’s right folks, he’s not just a pretty face. He uses his talents on and off the screen. How did Andrew’s career take him from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, you might ask? Well, Andrew signed on with Dino May Management West, which took him out to LA. Since then, he has booked several commercials, and he is actively writing original scripts as well. He is a solid guy, an impressive athlete, and an amazing talent. You can check out his talent
Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure, Andrew! For all you fans at home, check out the Google Home Hub commercial here.

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