Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - More Photos!

Hey Everyone! Sorting through the last batch of photo's from IMTA NY, it was amazing! We had so much fun, and it was so productive. We will be posting for weeks about our amazing team!

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Mr. Aspen Kobayashi

Hey Everyone! We just added some new Clients to our Salt Lake City team, and wanted to give a shout out to one of our SLC Models who had a spectacular convention in NYC, Mr. Aspen Kobayashi! Aspen finished in the top 7 for Male Model of the Year, after placing near the top in Commercial Print, Fashion Print, all three Runway competitions, and finishing in 3rd place for TV Beauty. Aspen is a wonderful guy, friendly and humble, and the Agents agreed, as he had over 30 callbacks! What a great week for this guy! He has some offers on the table from Agencies already, we can't wait to let you know who he has chosen! Congrats from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Mr. Daniel Bennet

There is so much to say about Mr. Daniel Bennet! This very talented young performer absolutely stole the show at IMTA NY 2019! He won the Most Sought After Male Talent for having more Talent Agent/Manager callbacks than anyone else, with 38 different Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors requesting to meet him. I have had Agents blowing up my phone asking to talk to this guy! Daniel could not have performed any better in NY, winning Pre-Teen Actor of the Year, 1st Runner-up Pre-Teen Model of the Year, Winning Kids Spot, 1st Runner-Up in Singing & TV Beauty, 2nd Runner-Up in Jean Runway, Fashion Runway, Monologue, Beachwear, and Voice Over, and top 7 in Commercial Print, Fashion Print, Headshots, and Real People. That's right, Daniel entered 13 competitions, and place in all 13! Daniel is a superb actor: so natural, engaging, and creative; he has a wonderful singing voice, and he is one of the kindest and friendliest young men we have encountered, he made so many friends and fans in his time with Seattle Talent. We could not be any prouder of Daniel, and are so happy for his wonderful family, he has such a bright future ahead of him. Congratulations from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent Daniel!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Mr. Spencer Langston

Hey Everyone! Big week for the extraordinary Mr. Spencer Langston! Most of you know him from his work in the office on Saturday's, and as host of our "Saturday Squad" video's on FB and IG, but he is also a terrific Actor and Vocalist. Spencer just got back from IMTA NY 2019, and is flying to LA today to meet with a half dozen Agents and Managers for representation. Spencer was just stellar in NYC, winning Male Actor of the Year, 1st Runner Up in Male Commercial Model of the Year, placing in ALL twelve of the competitions he entered, and scoring numerous Callbacks. Spencer is a big part of the family here at Seattle Talent, everyone be sure to wish him luck!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Ms. Paris Arnold

Hey Everyone! We are going to be posting a whole bunch of congrats to the amazing team of Actors, Models, Singers and Dancers of IMTA NY 2019, starting off with the lovely Ms. Paris Arnold, from our Idaho Falls Team. Paris is one of the most statuesque 12 year olds, she was able to win Commercial Print, 1st Runner Up in Swimwear, 2nd Runner Up in Fashion Print and Pre-Teen Model of the Year, and Honorable Mention in Jeans, Runway, & Voice Over. What a week! Even more exciting was Paris receiving twenty (!!) callbacks from Fashion Agencies, and thirteen callbacks from Talent Agents and Managers, this young girl will be working these amazing connections for years. We are so proud of Paris for putting herself out there in such a capable way, and giving herself multiple pathways to success. Congrats from your friends, fans, and families at Seattle Talent Paris!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

New Photo Update for Mr. Dominick MacNichols!

Hey Everyone! Update on the amazing Mr. Dominick MacNichols! Dominick, who first became a client when he was just six, then took more than a couple of years off to play sports and such, and came back at the age of 15 last year to go all in on his talent and opportunities, is off to LA! After just crushing it at IMTA last year, he signed with one of our favorite Managers in LA, Dreamscope Entertainment, and now he and his wonderful Mom are in LA for the next few months to make things happen. He is a terrific guy, a terrific Actor with a flair for comedy, and with the right representation, we know he is going to make his mark. Best of luck from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent Dom! Check out his new headshots!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Seattle Talent Yakima Model Ms. Lauren Ottem!

Update on the lovely Ms. Lauren Ottem! This amazing young model from Yakima has signed with IMD International, and her new photo's look just amazing. We can't wait to see what she books next! Congrats Lauren!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Day 4!

Hey Everyone! So much to report from the week in NYC. All of our Clients and Families are home, and I bet they are exhausted from how much work they put in this week, and from how much the accomplished. We had a terrific final two days of the convention, including photo's from our Private Audition with sixteen of our favorite Agents and Managers, the High Fashion Runway competition, the Cold Read competition, and most importantly, Callbacks and Banquet. As a team, we had over 900 Agency Callbacks, and we were all over the awards, winning several categories outright. We will have literally dozens of posts congratulating these hard working young performers, but for now, we just want to say thanks to them for representing Seattle Talent so well in such a competitive environment, and we are proud of them for making such important strides in their Career. What a team!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Day 3!

Hey Everyone! Wednesday is a wrap in NYC, the only thing left is the Awards, Dance Party, and Singing Finals. It was a HUGE day. We had Cold Reads, Fashion Runway, and a huge private audition with our favorite Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors in NYC. Our team is just killing it, we are so busy with requests from Agents and Managers, we cant wait to see how many callbacks the team gets tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Day 2!

What an amazing Tuesday, at IMTA NY 19! The hair and makeup room was open for our team as competitions continued. Agents are taking notice as our Models hit the runway for the Swimwear Competition, and our Actors showed off their skills in the Commercial Read and TV Beauty Competitions! We are so proud of what this team is accomplishing

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Day 1!

Monday in NYC is a wrap! It was a long day, we had Kids Spot competition, Improv, Jeans Runway, Makeup, Voice Over, and Monologue! Everyone is still finding some time to see NYC, and we have several Models that were picked for a Fashion Show, as well as some of the most amazing Kid Spots I have seen at IMTA! Check out the photos, these young Actors, Models, Singers, and Dancers are doing just the most amazing job!