Thursday, October 31, 2019

Seattle Talent Signing Update - Mr. James Sprague & Ms. Sofiya Sprague

Big stuff happening with the Sprague Family! This delightful and talented family is on the move! They have relocated to LA, so huge congrats and all of our best wishes for good luck! James has just signed with one of our favorites, Ms. Nicole Conner of Central Artists Agency LA, and Ms. Sofiya has signed a contract with Watersound Entertainment! Great news for both kids! We are going to miss seeing the family in the office, but we are all very excited for these huge steps they are taking. Congrats from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Seattle Talent Portfolio Update - Ms. Maddix Schneider

Exciting portfolio update from the lovely Ms. Maddix Schneider! Shot by Mark Van Borstel, we just scouted her last month in Olympia, and this five foot ten inch sixteen year old is already displaying a lot of confidence behind the camera. We are excited to see what we can do with this young lady. Great work Maddix!

Seattle Artists Agency Booking Update!

Great booking with CHI Franciscan again! We got great feedback again for how professional our Clients were. Congratulations going out to:

  • Gary Wiley
  • Paula Montiel
  • Carson Duda
  • Rachel Nichols
  • Berta Manevich
  • Kate Reinhart
  • Vanna Chi
  • Weylene Brown
  • Garrett Nelson
  • Georgina Douvalos
  • Carson Stowell

Wonderful work everyone!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Seattle Artists Agency Booking Update!

Great work all the way around Seattle Artists Agency Clients! David has been very busy with bookings, just in the few days he has submitted invoices for Noellia Lugo and Maria Villegas for the work with Kent Police Department; Natalie and Corinne Lo for booking with T-Mobile; Doug Cole Jessica Tucker, Paula Vinson, and Jack House all booked for PBS, and he even booked two Moms of our Clients for an Amazon job, and they did great, congrats Kristi Brewer and Vanna Chi! More to report soon, as David had over fifteen Clients shoot for CHI Franciscan Hospitals last week. Keep it up everyone, thanks for being the absolute best Clients we could hope for!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Seattle Talent Signing Update - Mr. Liam Gross

Very fun update on the wonderful Mr. Liam Gross, from Anacortes WA. He just signed with Zuri Model and Talent Agency, just shot a video for HiHo Kids on YouTube, and is already set up on an Audition for a remake of a holiday film favorite! Liam is a terrific kid and very entertaining young Actor, and has an equally terrific sister Siobhan who is also a Client, the whole family is fun. Congrats on all you are accomplishing Liam!

Seattle Artists Agency Casting Alert!

Hey Clients! Please check your email for this very urgent casting!

Casting Kids and PreTeens for HiHo Video

HiHo Kids is searching for outgoing kids to feature in their upcoming "Show and Tell" videos!

  • Kids
    • Age: 5-12 years old
    • Any Ethnicity
  • Show and Tell: Favorite Outfit
  • Pay Rate: $50 per person
  • Shoot Date: Monday, October 28, 2019; 5:30-7:30pm
  • Shoot Location: HiHo Kids / Studios In Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

Who they are looking for: Kids age 5-12 who love fashion, and want to show and tell about their favorite outfit, whether it was something inherited, a precious gift, or perhaps for a special occasion. Boys are especially encouraged to apply!

  • Show and Tell: Languages
  • Pay Rate: $50 per person
  • Shoot Date: Monday, October 28, 2019; 3:00-5:00pm
  • Shoot Location: HiHo Kids / Studios In Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

Who they are looking for: Girls age 5-12 who are conversational/fluent in another language.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Seattle Talent Portfolio Update - Ms. Paris Arnold

Hey Everyone! Portfolio update on the lovely Ms. Paris Arnold from our Boise Team! We placed her with our friends at IMD International, and they are thrilled with her so far, and have high hopes for her. Congrats on all you are accomplishing Paris, we are very proud of you!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Seattle Talent Client Update - Mr. Alex Hager

Hey Everyone! Check out the latest cover from the talented Mr. Alex Hager! He is a terrific guy, and even better talent, one of the best singers/actors/models we have worked with in the last few years, and his YouTube channel is a lot of fun to follow, and Alex is an extremely talented Musician, go check him out!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Seattle Talent Client Update - Mr. Hunter Mitchell

Big day today for the talented Mr. Hunter Mitchell! After scouting this guy in Bellingham, we placed him with the KMR Talent Agency and Discover Inc Talent Management in LA, and he has been doing so well! Tonight he appears on ABC's Modern Family! Way to go Hunter! This guy appeared in a short film last year directed by Academy Award nominee Noah Baumbach, and he is in LA right now filming a recurring role on a new show. How exciting is all of that? Hunter is a terrific young Actor, and an even better kid, very well mannered and exceptionally bright. We are thrilled with all you are accomplishing Hunter, congratulations from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Seattle Artists Agency Booking Update!

Look at Mr. Jay Martin Jr. doing his thing up high in the Seattle skyline! This guy is wonderfully talented, with an even better personality, we are so happy to have him in the Seattle Talent/Seattle Artists Agency family. Congrats Jay Martin Jr.

Seattle Artists Agency Casting Alert!

Attention Clients! Please check your email for this urgent Casting:

Casting Families for Amazon - Real families are encouraged to apply!

Adult Female Roles

“Liz”: Mom for family 2, late 30s.

She is a busy mom, juggling their infant who is not willing to play ball and pose for the photo. Could be fun to see her close her eyes as the pic is taken. IF she actually has a toddler (under the age of 3) please note that in casting submissions

Self Tape Direction: You are the organizer of this photo, in fact, you feel like no one else really wants to take this photo or at least they don’t take it seriously. Always maintaining your positive attitude is tough, but you have this, baby and all. In your attempts to make sure that everyone is on their best behavior and smiles are directed at the camera, you find that you keep missing those shutter clicks yourself. Chin up Liz, on the third click, look at the lens!

“Sarah”: Female, 30s. Caucasian.

The whole concept is to capture a ridiculously silly, (perhaps meme-able) dance move. Someone who is not afraid to dance and be goofy! (vignette: Dance)

Self Tape Direction: It has been a long time since you had a chance to cut loose. Tonight you are surrounded by your closest friends in a judgement free zone, you are relaxed, uninhibited and dancing like nobody’s watching. Show off those moves Sarah.

“Kelly”: Female, 20s. Any ethnicity.

She is a sports super fan and way into the game. (vignettes: Super Fan, Commute-hands only)

Self Tape Direction: Kelly is a fan of the highest intensity. She is watching at home alone, all kitted out foam finger and all, who does that? Kelly does. Let have a range of short emotional responses:

  • Focused, Staring at the screen in front of you, obviously there is something very intense about to happen.
  • Focus intently at screen, your team makes a fantastic play, react while staying in frame, return to focus on screen intently
  • Focus intently at screen, keep all performance on your face only, hand is slowly waving the foam finger absently.

Adult Male Roles

“Eric”: Dad for family 1, late 30s. Any ethnicity.

We will see his hands, so clean hands without tattoos. He is a part of an ultra-competitive family who love board games.

Self Tape Direction: Eric is a good dad, he loves his kids, he loves winning too, can he keep his competitive nature in check? Play a fun game with the family.

"Brian”: Dad for family 2, 40s.

He is a super enthusiastic, cheerful dad.

Self Tape Direction:

  • Family Photo - Brian plays like he feels these photos are silly, but in the end he knows what the mean to Sarah (wife) and he’s actually all in. Sarah has put in the effort to get this photo together, and Brian doesn’t want to let her down, he keeps his spirits high and try’s his best to stay focused to get the perfect family photo. Unfortunately Sarah’s first two attempts at getting Brian to focus, seems to distract him at exactly the moment the shutter clicks. Give me two moments where you are distracted at the very last second before a click, followed by a third successful click of the camera to give us the perfect smile.
  • Cookie - Very simple shot, you are putting frosting on a tray of snowman cookies with your daughter, you have both had a great afternoon, and this is the last step.

Youth Female Roles

"Avery”: Daughter for family 1, 10-15 years old, any ethnicity.

She is animated, lively and fun. She is a part of an ultra-competitive family who love board games.

Self Tape Direction:

  • Trouble - You are playing a board game with the family, on your next turn you know you are going to win, as long as Mom or Dad don’t make a perfect move.
  • Trouble 2 - You know you don’t stand a chance, but that doesn’t really dampen your enthusiasm, you know mom is about to win and ,well, she never wins. With subtlety, show me the anticipation of that final move.
  • Snow Angel - Show us the excitement that comes with making a snow angel in the first snowfall of the year, you just get caught up in the moment.

“Kate”: Daughter for family 2, 6-8 years old.

She has an attitude and certainly not pleased to be posing for a family photo. Any ethnicity. Points if we can cast an actual father/daughter with her and Brian.

Self Tape Direction:

  • Family Photo - You don’t really want to be here, you were happily playing in the other room when mom called and got you into this sweater, but you are a good kid and kinda try to smile for the photo anyway. The camera clicks 3 times, the first two, you are distracted by everyone trying to get into position and manage only to smile awkwardly at the camera. The situation is pretty silly which makes you smile perfectly for the third click, just not at the camera.
  • Cookies - Dad is the best, all afternoon he has been trying to teach you to make cookies, as he puts the final touch on the last cookie, you realize what a wonderful afternoon it has been just the two of you. 3 takes please.

Youth Male Roles

“Timmy”: Son possibly for family 1 but does not have to be, 8-11 years old. Caucasian.

Impish little fella. Could wear glasses too.

Self Tape Direction: You just got a new fish, the water is filled, the bowl is decorated and now you get to feed the little guy. Not too much Timmy, just a couple of taps on the fish food should do it.


”Extras”: 3 people in their 30s to populate the dance scene. Should be fun upbeat and any ethnicity

**Please send Headshots only**


  • This casting is for a paid booking ($200.00 - 1,000.00 depending on role)
  • You MUST be available in the Seattle, WA area for the 1-day video shoot on October 22 or 23, 2019 (schedule TBD)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Seattle Talent Client Update - Ms. Brinley Christofferson

Hey Everyone! Fun stuff to report about the lovely Ms. Brinley Christofferson from our Salt Lake City team. This terrific young Actor is appearing on Battle of the Ages on BYUTV October 15th! Tune in if you can, Brinley is wonderful kid, and this show looks like it is so much fun. We will be watching Brinley!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Seattle Talent Signing Update - Mr. Spencer Langston

Hey Everyone! Update on Mr. Spencer Langston! This wonderfully talented young Actor has moved to LA! After a stellar performance at IMTA in NY, coupled with multiple callbacks from Agent Days, he traveled down with his parents, and has made the smart choice of signing with MC Talent LA. Most of you know Spencer from hosting our Saturday Squad Video's, and his help running lines at Agent Day, but he is also a very talented Actor, singer, dancer, and we are so excited to see him take this next step in his career. Jamie Malone of MC Talent is a terrific Talent Manager, and a great fit for Spencer. Be on the lookout for a video update from Spencer soon, in the meantime, join us on wishing him luck in LA! Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent are so very proud of you Spencer!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Seattle Talent Client Update - Mr. Conner Chavez

More terrific news for the handsome Mr. Conner Chavez! This terrific young Actor just appeared on last night's episode of HBO's Ballers, his second episode of the season. Conner also appeared on Veronica Mars earlier this summer. We have Conner signed with Management 101 and HRI Talent in LA, and they are thrilled with him. Way to go Conner, can't wait to see what is next!

Seattle Artists Agency Casting Alert!

Hey Everyone! Fun casting was sent out today, check your email for details!

  • Men & Women
    • Age: 27-55 ONLY
    • Any Ethnicity
    • MUST BE fit/in shape/athletic


  • This is an IN-PERSON CASTING for a paid booking; models chosen will receive a $200 Seahawks ProShop gift card in exchange for shooting.
  • You MUST be available for:
    • IN-PERSON CASTING at Seattle Talent on Monday, October 14, 2019 6-8pm!
    • PHOTOSHOOT in the Seattle, WA area on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 (TBD)

Casting Information:

  • Models are encouraged to wear athletic gear, and should arrive in everyday hair and makeup
  • Please bring a composite card or headshot to leave with the Seahawks Casting Representatives

Friday, October 4, 2019

Seattle Talent Signing Update - Mr. Ajay Desh

Hey Everyone! Good news for Mr. Ajay Desh! This terrific young Actor has just signed with the Eris Talent Agency in LA! That is such great news! Congratulations Ajay!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Seattle Talent Client Update - Mr. Devin Jones

Great stuff happening for Mr. Devin Jones! He is a really terrific guy, so much charisma and charm, and we just signed him with IMD. They sent us an email this afternoon to say how happy they were with him so far, and to let us know on his very first submission, which was for a network show, they have asked for a self-tape from him. Awesome stuff! Congrats Devin, we are excited for you!

Seattle Artists Agency Booking Update!

Congratulations to everyone on a huge shoot for Rena Ware's 2020 catalogue! We booked

  • Sixta Morel
  • Anthony Ruballo
  • Bryce Lyons
  • Barry Briggs
  • Bridger Buckley
  • Paula Montiel
  • Elina Lazo
  • Melody Duran
  • Brianna Criddle
  • and Dylan Hammit

in the fun shoot! Great work everyone, the Client was thrilled! Here are photos of some of the Talent!

Dylan Hammit

Brianna Criddle

Melody Duran

Elina Lazo

Bridger Buckley

Bryce Lyons

Anthony Ruballo

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Seattle Talent Client Update - Mr. Chanthajon Somvilaysack

Huge congratulations going out to the handsome Mr. Chanthajon Somvilaysack, from our Anchorage Team! We have signed this terrific young Actor with our friends at HRI Talent in LA! Chanthajon had a tremendous week in NY, where he placed near the top in Pre-Teen Model of the Year, and placed in the top 7 in almost every category he competed in, including Voice Over, Cold Read, TV Real People, and every single one of his modeling competitions. He was amazing in NY: friendly, funny, and confident as he earned so much attention from Agents and Managers, and the whole family was supportive, organized, and prepared. We have had tremendous success with HRI, who represents several of our Clients, it will be a great fit for Chanthajon. We are so proud of you Chanthajon, congrats from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent, we are so excited to see what happens next!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Seattle Artists Agency Casting Alert!

NEW Casting for PBS Commercials

  • Men
    • Ages: 40-80
    • Any Ethnicity
  • Women
    • Ages: 25-80
    • Any Ethnicity
  • Boys & Girls
    • Age: 10-16 ONLY
    • Any Ethnicity


  • This casting is for a paid booking ($150/hr)
  • You MUST be available in the Seattle, WA area for the commercial shoots; schedule TBD