Thursday, July 25, 2019

New Photo Update for Mr. Dominick MacNichols!

Hey Everyone! Update on the amazing Mr. Dominick MacNichols! Dominick, who first became a client when he was just six, then took more than a couple of years off to play sports and such, and came back at the age of 15 last year to go all in on his talent and opportunities, is off to LA! After just crushing it at IMTA last year, he signed with one of our favorite Managers in LA, Dreamscope Entertainment, and now he and his wonderful Mom are in LA for the next few months to make things happen. He is a terrific guy, a terrific Actor with a flair for comedy, and with the right representation, we know he is going to make his mark. Best of luck from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent Dom! Check out his new headshots!

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