Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Seattle Talent Client Update - Mr. Sohum Sanu

Hey Everyone! Just got off the phone with our own Saturday Squad host Mr. Sohum Sanu, he had some exciting news to report, he got a Callback for his series regular role on a new series on a major cable network!! He is flying form Seattle to LA tomorrow to audition again for the producers, he is so excited! Be sure to check out his adventure tomorrow, he is going to be posting videos along the way, and please wish him luck, this guy is a very hard working young man, achieving so much scholastically, donating time to charity, working for the Seattle Talent Team in the office, and reaching new heights in his quest to become a professional Actor. Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent are behind you Sohum!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Seattle Talent IMTA LA 2020 Update!

Hey Everyone! Spencer here checking in from IMTA LA 2020! Had so much fun with everyone today, Shariff was working with the Actors, Ilona was fine tuning everyone's runway walk, Hank and Megan were dressing all of the high fashion models, a lot of fun things happening. I will be reporting all week, make sure you check back to see what this incredible team of Talent is accomplishing!

Check out the video here!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Seattle Talent Starts IMTA LA 2020!!

Here it is! The time has finally arrived for our very talented team of Models, Actors, Singers, and Dancers, to take part in IMTA LA 20! Wish them all luck as they head into the busy week of competitions!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Seattle Talent Portfolio Update - Ms. Cassie Zeng

Portfolio Update on an exciting new Client, Ms. Cassie Zeng! She just shot with Marc Von Borstel, and we are excited to see what we can do with this beautiful 5'11" UW Student. Congrats on a terrific shoot Cassie!

Seattle Talent Client Update - Ms. Rosalinda Tomich

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to note that we saw one of our wonderful young Clients highlighted in the local press! The lovely Ms. Rosalinda Tomich had a very nice interview in the Auburn Examiner highlighting her competing to be Ms. Auburn Outstanding Teen! Go check it out, she is a terrific young lady!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Seattle Talent Agent Day Callbacks!

Callbacks from the December Agent Day are in!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent & Seattle Artists Agency Clients who have made the callback list for the amazing Ms. Mara Santino of Luber Rocklin Entertainment LA.

  • Jay Martin Jr
  • Kyla Caraway
  • Madilyn Schmig
  • Rosalinda Tomich
  • Bandhan Rai
  • Mia Stewart
  • Reece Mamuad
  • Jesus Alba-Funes

Ms. Santino was thrilled with all of the Talent she was able too met, she has scouted Seattle Talent for our entire twenty years in business, she always likes to make a note of Talent that while she did not callback, really stood out to her as Talent to keep an eye out for the next time she is here:

  • Elif Yazicioglu
  • Taylor Karn
  • Kyrh Fisk
  • Devin Jones
  • Nathaniel Kabamba
  • Georyne Agdeppa
  • Lucas Naylor
  • Gillian Lubong
  • Neala Caraway
  • Cat Waltzer
  • Aundrea Hall
  • Denahli Hoylman
  • Aliyah Lawson
  • Cole Magrini
  • Danielle Mwiti
  • Melody Duran
  • Wade Creekmore
  • Monika Lopez
  • Sasha Bas
  • Isabella Chavez
  • Alessia Dagnino
  • Marci Huggler
  • Elle Wilson

Great work Everyone! Here is Bandhan, Kayla, Jay, and Jesus!