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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Guess What's Celine Favorite Pastries!

Check out Seattle Talent’s very own Ms. Celine Dela Montanye trying French pastries for HiHo Kids! After filming the Netflix original “A Little Help” with the legendary Actor/Comedian Ms. Carol Burnett, she is back in Seattle and busy as can be! Celine is a regular on HiHo Kids and is often featured modeling for Zulily’s website. We love seeing all the amazing work she does! Follow this talented lady on her Instagram page @heycelinejade.


Seattle Talent's Jasmine Davis Booked PBS Event Lead Role!

Hey Everybody! Our Client Ms. Jasmine Davis recently booked a big role for "Be My Neighbor Day", a charity event held in Yakima, and hosted by PBS/KCTS9! Jasmine is beauty, personality and talent all rolled into one! We're super proud of you and we can't wait to see what you do next! Congratulations Jasmine!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Seattle Talent IMTA NY'18 Competition Day 2!

Big day in NYC for the IMTA NY2018 team of Actors, Dancers, Singers, & Models. It started with a 7:30am call time in Hair & Makeup, and the Singers were off to the Prelim's, they the Models competed in the TV Beauty Commercial comp, then the Songwriters showed off their art for a record label, and the exciting On-Camera Host competition for the Actors. Two big events followed: All of the models walked the runway in front of hundreds of people for Swimwear, and the Actors performed TV Commercials. Tonight, our whole team is lining up for Overview, to get seen by each and every Agent, Manager, and Casting Director in the building. Luckily, our team has had time to see all of the exciting sites in NYC. Look at how much fun they are having! We could not be any prouder of this group!

Check out the rest of the album on our Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Seattle Talent Welcomes the Coleman Sisters of Team Spokane!

Beauty definitely runs in the Coleman family! Each of these ladies are all gorgeous and very talented. From Oldest to youngest we have Ms. Ava Coleman, Ms. Emma Coleman, Ms. Isabelle, and Ms. Sophia Coleman. They are all Clients of Seattle Talent through our Spokane Team. They recently visited our main office in Seattle for a photoshoot with Mr. Gideon, and were so kind to introduce themselves to everyone. They are the sweetest gals and we’re glad to have you all on board.

Seattle Talents' Mr. Sohum Sanu Signs with Maverick Artists Agency!

Did you know? The very talented and ambitious, Mr. Sohum Sanu is spending the whole month of July in LA this summer! This gentleman, our Client and good friend, is signing with Mavrick Artists Agency! On top of that, he is also meeting with Mr. Fredrick Levy and Management 101. We are so happy for Sohum and wish him all the best!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Seattle Talent Presents IMTA NY 2018!

IMTA NY Week is here everybody! Wishing good luck to our incredible team of Actors, Models, Singers, and Dancers as they get to New York to compete in IMTA NY 2018! Today the models are getting styled! Seattle Talent’s IMTA coach, Mr. Shariff is holding a boot camp for the Actors, and competitions start tomorrow! Tune in for more as we are going to be posting so many photo's and video's of everyone as they compete in front of almost 200 Agencies and Managers from around the world! Don’t forget to have a blast everybody!

Ms. Adams, Laney

Ms. Almora, Libeth 

Ms. Baird, Francine

Mr. Baldovino, Michael

Ms. Barnett, Amber 

Ms. Bas, Sasha 

Ms. Beard, Jennah

Ms. Beard, Kylee

Ms. Beckman, Layla

Mr. Belay, Dewit

Ms. Bennett, Elisha

Ms. Baird, Francine

Ms. Breier, Jadeln

Ms. Brittain, Shayla

Ms. Brunette, JayLissa

Mr. Buirley, Ryan

Ms. Burgman, Safi

Ms. Campbell, Kori

Ms. Cannell, Eliza

Mr. Cantu, Malik

Cao, Jonathan

Ms. Carpenter, Annie

Mr. Chadwick, Stephen

Ms. Chepuri, Nikita 

Mr. Chepuri, Ronit

Ms. Creson, Fern

Ms. Cummings, Makaila

Mr. Dean, Mason 

Mr. Dennis, Gabriel

Ms. Dinberg, Shalom

Mr. Duda, Carson

Mr. Ebenal, Erik

Ms. Edelmayer, Sydney Jo

Ms. Emmerson, Lily

Ms. Erdmann, Sofia 

Mr. Evans, Alexander

Mr. Feil, Anthony

Ms. Fuller, Lily

Ms. Galvin, Sarah

Ms. Garcia, Carmelita 

Ms. Garza, Zada

Ms. Gerla, Kaelynn

Ms. Giforos, Helen

Ms. Giforos, Samantha

Ms. Grady, Catherine

Ms. Hammaker, Danielle

Ms. Hannon, Elaina

Mr. Haskell, Greyson

Mr. Hendricks, Camren

Ms. Hoffman, Shannon

Ms. Igo, Ruth 

Ms. JaQuish, Megan

Mr. Trigsted, Issac

Ms. Jefferey, Mckenzy

Ms. Jensen, Natasha 

Ms. Jeon, Grace

Ms. Jimenez, Savannah 

Mr. Jones, Devin

Ms. Jones, Diana

Ms. Tomer, Julia

Ms. Kalenkovich, Anastasia 

Ms. Kandle, Cassandra

Ms. Katterman, Elizabeth

Ms. Khan, Rodi

Ms.  Kehne, Jordan

Mr. Kennedy, Ian

Mr. Khan, Rodi

Ms. Kindell, Maniah

Ms. Kirkpatrick, Kylie

Ms. Koehl, Daisy

Ms. Krunnies, Kayla

Mr. Langston, Spencer

Mr. Larkin Elijah

Ms. Levias, Levi

Mr. Lindsay, Cali

Ms. Loft, Sophie

Ms. Lu, Courtney (VanSchoiack)

Mr. Lyons, Bryce

Ms. Madil, Gwen

Ms. Mariche, Aaliyah

Ms. Marinakis, Athena

Ms. Marinakis, Zoe

Ms. Martin, Christina

Ms. Mason, Olivia

Ms. McCarthy, Monique

Mr. McKean, Connor

Mr. Miller, Porter

Ms. Milton, Mariah

Ms. Mixayphone Hokulani 

Ms. Moon, Harper

Ms. Muse, Kryshawna

Ms. Myers, Jade 

Ms. Maniyanh, Nia

Mr. Perales, Austin

Ms. Perez, Brisayed

Ms. Perryman, Gabriella

Ms. Philemonoff, Marianna 

Mr. Point, David

Mr. Polishkin, Sergey

Mr. Racey, Cameron

Ms. Rawls, Audrey

Ms. Razor, Adele

Mr. Ritter, Joshua

Mr. Roberts, Bentley

Mr. Rodriguez, Jakob

Mr. Rodriguez, Miguel

Mr. Sample, Ray

Ms. Serrano, Kourtny

Mr. Sherman, Jalen

Ms. Simmons, Alyssa

Ms. Simmons, Faith

Ms. Smith, Scarlett

Mr. Tanner, Ashok

Ms. Torres, Rebecca

Mr. Uitdewilligen, Keith

Ms. Van Winkle, Natalie

Mr. Van Horn, Charlton

Ms. Veler, Lylly

Mr. Wackerli, Braxon

Ms. Woffinden, Jade

Ms. Wrenn, Thea

Ms. York, Jasmin

Mr. Zingleman, Tanner