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Friday, October 12, 2018

Micah Classen Interviews A Kid In Recovery

Hey all you Seattle Talent fans! We’ve got a great highlight for you today, about an amazing client who participated in an equally inspiring video. Learn about Toleshan’s incredible story of recovery in this candid interview, with Seattle Talent’s very own Micah Classen
This video is the latest in HiHo’s wildly popular Kids Meet series. We are so impressed with Micah’s focus and maturity for this particular content, not to mention his good-natured sense of humor that brought something really special to the delivery. We think he really did a spectacular job in this HiHo Kids webisode! Micah, we are proud of you for your part in this video, it’s definitely a job well done. Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent can’t wait to see more of your incredible talent at work!

Did this conversation resonate with you? We applaud the HiHo Kids team for approaching this topic with curiosity and authenticity. Addiction is rarely an easy thing to talk about, but these young people had the opportunity to model one way of having a healthy conversation about it. What do you think? 

If you enjoyed this video as much as we did, be sure to check out more compassionate, curious content on the HiHo Kids channel on YouTube. And see if you can spot more from the Seattle Talent crew in the HiHo Kids videos! You’ll find plenty!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lylly Tries Jollibee and ATW for HiHo!

Lylly has the brightest and cutest smile! How adorable is she? Our Client Ms. Lylly Veller was thrilled when we booked her for a HiHo Kids Try Video shoot. She got to try Jollibee and ATW! We couldn't wait to share the news with everybody and are excited about the video!

Your Friends, Fans, and Family at Seattle Talent send you our congratulations!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

HiHo Kids Play: Crystal Martin Vs Dad!

This is so funny! Check out Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Crystal Martin play games with her dad, Andrew, in this recent video brought to you buy HiHo Kids! Crystal is really good at all of the games, but her dad is no sore loser! These two looked like they had a really fun time! Great work Crystal, we cannot wait to see what's next!

Check out all the fun here:

Monday, March 12, 2018

Jasmine Davis Signs with HRI Talent Agency!

With our second wave of IMTA audition done, it’s time to share some more signing news! Seattle Talent’s very own Ms. Jasmine Davis, from our wonderful team in Yakima, has just signed with HRI Talent Agency in Los Angeles, California! Jasmine recently completed at IMTA LA18, and did a wonderful job! By the time IMTA wrapped up she had claimed 3rd place for TV Real People, and collected recognition awards for Best Female Dancer, Best On-Camera Host, and Best Monologue Presentation! Jasmine received a lot of interest from several agencies, but found that HRI was the best fit her! Everyone at Seattle Talent is so proud of you Jasmine, all of your hard work and determination has paid off! Your future is unbelievably bright, and we cannot wait to hear more from you! Congratulations!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kaia Rubin's Interview on iHeart Radio On Her New Song "I'm A Girl"

Check this out Everyone! Seattle Talent’s very own singing sensation Ms. Kaia Rubin recently was interviewed on iHeart Radio about her recent song “I’m A Girl,” which inspired by the Time’s Up movement that is sweeping the nation! All proceeds from Kaia’s song will be donated to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund! On top of all this wonderful news Kaia is also receiving the Community Leadership Award from Project U Can Foundation, who will also be donating 500 dollars to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund on behalf of Kaia! This is really moving, and powerful work Kaia, Everyone at Seattle Talent is so proud of you! Keep up the fantastic work!
You can listen to Kaia’s song here:

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Abigail Garcia's Zulily Photoshoot!

Pretty in pink! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Abigail Garcia recently did a photo-shoot with our friends over at! Abigail looks great sporting a gorgeous pink sweatsuit! Take a look at the some cool images from the shoot below! Great work, we cannot wait to see what you do next!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Abigail Gamba's Beautiful Ballet Photoshoot with Zulily!

Is anyone else enjoying the sunshine? Seattle Talent’s very own dancing star Ms. Abigail Gamba has just finished another beautiful photoshoot with Zulily in celebration of National Dance Week! Abigail had the opportunity to show off her ballet skills while modeling some gorgeous athletic wear! Take a look at all of the beautiful images from this shoot below. Nice work, we cannot wait to see what you do next!

SallyAnn Yamane Signs with MMG and Rage Talent Agency!

New week, new signing alert! Seattle Talent’s very own Ms. SallyAnne Yamane, from our wonderful team in Spokane, has signed to both MMG and Rage Talent Agency (The Rage Group)! Sallyanne is a wonderful young talent, she came in third place for the Kids’ Spot Competition, and received several callbacks at this years IMTA LA18! We know that MMG and Rage Talent Agency are going to love working with SallyAnne! Fantastic work, everyone at Seattle Talent is so proud of you, your future's so bright, and we wish you safe travels on your move to Los Angeles!! A big congratulations from your Seattle Talent family!

Monday, February 19, 2018

HiHo Kids Play with Pearler Beads!

Happy Presidents Day Everyone! Seattle Talent is proud to share another HiHo Kids video from our friends over at! This time round our very own Ms. Crystal Martin, Helena Stewart, Lylly Veler, Mr. Ayden Veler, and Ethan Stewart all got to play with Pearler Beads! Watch our stars get creative as they create animals, and crazy patterns with this beloved crafting activity! Great work everyone, we all can’t wait to see what all of you do next! 

Check Out The Video Here:


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kate Tomlinson Due to Appear in "The Thundermans"!

This show looks awesome! Seattle Talent wants to congratulate Ms. Kate Tomlinson, from our wonderful team in Idaho Falls, for booking an episode on the Nickelodeon original series “The Thundermans”! Kate will appear the episode “Rhythm and Shoes” where the Thundermans try to take part in a talent show alongside a famous pop star, but things get really crazy! In addition to this recent booking Kate has appeared on hit T.V. shows such as ABC’s "Speechless," Disney Channel’s “Stuck in the Middle,” and Nickelodeon’s upcoming show “Pupsicles.” Kate has also been featured in several short films, she is one busy actor! “Rhythm and Shoes” will air February 17th on Nickelodeon, so be sure to watch it! Congratulations Kate, keep up the fantastic work!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Terrence Little Gardenhigh Wins the Prestigious Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year Award at IMTA LA18!

Look out world there is a new star in town! Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Terrence Little Gardenhigh preformed fabulously at this years IMTA LA18 competition! This young, and electric talent walked away with the prestigious Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year Award! In addition he also won the awards for Best Cold Read, Best Monologue, T.V. Real People! Terrence's talent also landed him 3rd place in the T.V. Beauty, and Kids Spot competitions, and 4th place for Most Sought Male Talent! To wrap everything up he also received two Honorable Mention awards for Best Screen Test, and Best Theatrical Headshots! Way to go Terrance, we are unbelievably proud of all of your success! We are beyond excited to see what you achieve next! You have a bright future Terrence, congratulations!!

The Seattle Talent Team's Last Days at IMTA LA18!

Hey Everyone, check out these wonderful photos of our IMTA LA18 Team during the last few days of the competition. Los Angeles is such a huge and exciting city, which some of our clients took advantage of and explored. For clients who didn't feel like wandering the city there was plenty to do with friends at the hotel including an awesome celebration concert! All of our wonderful clients have worked so hard, so they all deserve to relax and have some fun. Great work team! Seattle Talent is so proud of each and everyone of you! We hope that everyone that participated had a great time, and have plenty of great memories to cherish! Congratulations!

To see the whole album and more photos from this years IMTA please take a look at our page @SeattleTalentPresentsIMTA on Facebook

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Anay Vaghela's Holiday Zulily Photoshoot!

Winter wonderland! Take a look at these awesome images of Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Anay Vaghela! Anay recently shot with Zulily in this holiday inspired photo spread! He looks like he had a blast and who can blame him? Keep up the good work Anay!

Abigail Gamba Featured in Emerald Ballet Academy's Nutcracker Show

Update on a dancing star! Seattle Talent's very own Abigail Gamba recently performed in the Emerald Ballet Academy’s production of Nutcracker at the Northshore Performing Arts Center! Here are some amazing images of Abigail in both the Snowflake Scene, and her solo dance in the Arabian Nights Scene! Great work Abigail, keep up the awesome work!

Melody Marquez Stars in Academy Award Qualified Short Film!

The Academy Awards are just around the corner! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Melody Marquez is guest starring in the upcoming short film "Swimming in the Desert." This film is directed and written by Alvaro Ron & Rafael Álvarez, and tells the story of a young girl who tries to bring water back to a drought stricken town. Melody has already won the "best supporting actress" award at Lionshead Film Festival in Dallas, and the film itself has received over 30 awards and nominations! On top of all of this great news this film has qualified for the Academy Awards, so we might just see it there! Congratulations to Melody, and everyone involved with "Swimming in the Desert." We are so proud of you Melody, keep up the fantastic work! We cannot wait to hear more news on this fantastic film!