Saturday, July 20, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Day 4!

Hey Everyone! So much to report from the week in NYC. All of our Clients and Families are home, and I bet they are exhausted from how much work they put in this week, and from how much the accomplished. We had a terrific final two days of the convention, including photo's from our Private Audition with sixteen of our favorite Agents and Managers, the High Fashion Runway competition, the Cold Read competition, and most importantly, Callbacks and Banquet. As a team, we had over 900 Agency Callbacks, and we were all over the awards, winning several categories outright. We will have literally dozens of posts congratulating these hard working young performers, but for now, we just want to say thanks to them for representing Seattle Talent so well in such a competitive environment, and we are proud of them for making such important strides in their Career. What a team!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Day 3!

Hey Everyone! Wednesday is a wrap in NYC, the only thing left is the Awards, Dance Party, and Singing Finals. It was a HUGE day. We had Cold Reads, Fashion Runway, and a huge private audition with our favorite Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors in NYC. Our team is just killing it, we are so busy with requests from Agents and Managers, we cant wait to see how many callbacks the team gets tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Day 2!

What an amazing Tuesday, at IMTA NY 19! The hair and makeup room was open for our team as competitions continued. Agents are taking notice as our Models hit the runway for the Swimwear Competition, and our Actors showed off their skills in the Commercial Read and TV Beauty Competitions! We are so proud of what this team is accomplishing

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Day 1!

Monday in NYC is a wrap! It was a long day, we had Kids Spot competition, Improv, Jeans Runway, Makeup, Voice Over, and Monologue! Everyone is still finding some time to see NYC, and we have several Models that were picked for a Fashion Show, as well as some of the most amazing Kid Spots I have seen at IMTA! Check out the photos, these young Actors, Models, Singers, and Dancers are doing just the most amazing job!

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Mr. Torian Thirdgill-Lewis Runway Prep

Great looks for the handsome Mr. Torian Thirdgill-Lewis , as he gets fitted for the Runway at IMTA NY 19!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019 - Prep Day!

The IMTA NY 19 team has arrived in NYC! Sunday was the last day of prep, our good friend Sharif Ibrahim, was doing his thing with our actors, helping the team with their commercial / monologue scripts and Kid Spot performances. The always beautiful Ilona was working the runway with our High Fashion Models! After training the team had time to venture out into the streets of the Big Apple for some fun in Time Square and Central Park!

Today is a huge day, as the competitions begin with Improv, Model Spot, Voice Over, Kid's Spot, Makeup, Jeans, and Monologue! We wish our team the best of luck as the competitions start. We know everyone will do fantastic, and we are so proud of you all!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Seattle Talent IMTA NY 2019

We are so excited to introduce the IMTA NY 2019 Team! Good luck to these incredible Models, Actors, Singers, and Dancers as they compete in front of 200 Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors from all over the world this week!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

New Seattle Artists Agency Casting Alert!

Clients check your email for this fun casting!

Casting for Seahawks Photo Shoot

  • Males & Females
    • Ages: 18-40 ONLY
    • Any Ethnicity
    • MUST BE fit/in shape/athletic


  • This is a trade-for-apparel booking; models will receive Seahawks ProShop clothing & and edited portfolio photo in exchange for shooting.
  • You MUST be available in the Seattle, WA area for the photo shoot on Tuesday, August 13, 2019!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Seattle Artists Agency Casting Alert!

Clients please check your email for this urgent casting!

URGENT Casting Kids for Photo Shoot

  • Boy
    • Age: 12 ONLY
    • Ethnicity: Mixed/multi-ethnic
  • Girl
    • Age: 10 ONLY?
    • Ethnicity: Mixed/multi-ethnic


  • This casting call is for a paid booking ($1,500.00 per day)
  • You MUST be available in the Seattle, WA area for the photo shoot on 3-5 days between 7/25/19-8/2/19 (schedule TBD)

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

New Seattle Artists Agency Casting Alert!

Clients check your email for this fun casting:

Casting for Web Commercial

  • Kids
    • Age: 4-6 ONLY
    • Any Ethnicity
  • Adults
    • Age: 30-35 ONLY
    • Any Ethnicity


  • This casting call is for a paid booking ($400)
  • You MUST be available in the Seattle, WA area for the 4-hr shoot on one day between 7/25/19-8/5/19 (schedule TBD)

Friday, July 5, 2019

Mr. Terrence is Taking Off!

Hey Everyone? Did you watch Just Roll With It on The Disney Channel Wednesday? We were so excited, our own Mr. Terrence Little-Gardenhigh was a guest star! This kid has just taken off since signing him with Management 101 in LA. Congrats Terrence, you were terrific!

New Seattle Artists Agency Casting Alert!

Hey Clients! Check your email for this terrific casting from David at SAA!

Casting for WA State Lotto Commercial

  • Everyday People
    • Age: 25-55 ONLY
    • Any Gender
    • Any Ethnicity
    • Unique or unexpected aspects of your appearance are appreciated!?


  • This casting call is for a paid booking ($500.00-$3,500.00, depending on role)
  • You MUST be available in the Seattle, WA area for:
    • In-person Casting on July 8, 2019
    • Callbacks the first half of July 10, 2019
    • Fittings the afternoon of July 15, 2019
    • Filming all day on July 16,2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

New SAA Booking!

Check out how great our SAA and Seattle Talent Clients look in their Neighborcare Health Care Ads! There is also a terrific video we will be posting soon, congratulations everyone!

  • Faisa Ali
  • Hector Nunez
  • Frankie Godoy
  • Patty Tomich
  • Grace Nguyen
  • And our very own Hair / Makeup Artist - Latecia Farrell

Congratulations Ms. Asta Wylie!

Great booking for Ms. Asta Wylie from our Seattle Artists Agency Division! Congrats Asta!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Keep it up Mr. Wilber Zaldivar!

Exciting updates from our old friends, the Zaldivar Family! After starting with us in Seattle, they have moved down to LA, and in the last few years, have accomplished so much. Wilber has become quite the voiceover actor, he had a role in Hotel Transylvania 2, just wrapped a movie, and has voiced roles in Craig of the Creek, The Loud House, Elena of Avalor, Sofia the First, and appeared in Una Palabra and Game Shakers! His younger brother and sister have some fun stuff to report to, I will get those video's together and share. Congrats Wilber and all of your success! We will see you in January in LA!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Humungous News on Mr. Jace Chapman!

We are so excited to announce that Mr. Jace Chapman has just booked the lead in the new Netflix series The Healing Powers of Dude! Jace plays Noah, an 11yr old with anxiety disorder, and Dude, his sarcastic talking therapy dog. There is great writing and producing talent behind this show, this is a wonderful vehicle for Chase's talents. Since scouting Jace in Salt Lake City in March of 2018, he went to IMTA NY 2018, winning Actor of the Year, and we placed him with a wonderful Manager, Artistic Endeavors, and he was also placed with the terrific Osbrink Agency. Jace has a few jobs in the can we can't announce yet, but he has also booked the ABC sitcom, Schooled. It is really a phenomenal start for this guy, and he deserves it, as he is one of the hardest working young Actors we have found, and is just as polite, friendly, and charismatic as he could be, and from a very close knit and fun family. We are so excited for you Jace, a huge congratulations from all of your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent!